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Arts Plus

Arts Plus was founded in 2000, aims to provide pre-school education to infants and toddlers as well as kindergarten, and professional visual arts, performing and language arts education to children of.....


    Bee Bee Kids Playgroup

    Our playgroup programs are broken down into 3 age groups, Infant, Toddler and Tot. In each class, your child will participate in exploratory play, sensory play, musical play, language play and movement activities in preschool environment. Our new purpose-built facilities support and stimulate childr..... 1-3 歲

    My Art World

    An arts & craft program for children. With close supervision from experienced teachers, theme-based projects with a wide range of materials to be used to enhance their skills, artistic ability and interest towards arts. ..... 3-12 歲


    To cultivate in the interest of dancing and to discover grace through movement and rhythmic training. Students from the age of 6 who have obtained the required standard may enter the Royal Academy of Dancing examination ..... 2-11 歲

    Interview Preparation

    This program targets to prepare your child for primary one interview with success and serve as a foundation for future challenges. After completion of this course, your child’s language expression ability and analytical skills, quick reaction and manners will substantially improve. A mock intervie..... 4-5 歲


    Go is a game of intricate strategy that can aid a child’s ability to concentrate, apply Logical thought, remain calm during crisis, and learn new and innovative ways to solve problems quickly and intelligently. It’s also a way for children to embrace cultural identity. ..... 4-6 歲

    DramaKids – Trinity Young Performer’s Certificate (YPC)

    The YPC encourages performance skills to create stories, roles and situations through imaginative movement, music and voice. The YPC is an internationally recognized certificate recording a candidate’s personal achievement. It measures your child’s progress against and internationally applied..... 3-6 歲

Hong Kong Institute of Languages

We teach foreign languages to children (from 1½ year old), teens and adults. Teaching is uniquely provided by highly qualified and experienced teachers who have a real passion for teaching. We shal.....



    Depending on his/her age group, your child will experience movement and mime through to acting out stories, puppetry and role-plays, all aimed at boosting his/her desire to communicate. At the end of the term he/she will have the opportunity to perform for you in our specially designed drama room, ..... 2-6 歲


    This is a full-time programme taking place every morning (and/or afternoon) and following the same syllabus as French schools abroad, with a main emphasis on acquiring a solid foundation in both languages. We offer different levels to meet the needs of each child. ..... 2-6 歲


    To boost your child's Mandarin skills in a creative and entertaining setting. During these courses, your child will: sing songs, read stories, use puppets, play games and participate in arts and crafts and other fun-filled activities; reinforce what he/she has learnt in class; enhance his/her li..... 2-6 歲


    For non native English-speaking children attending an ESF or International School who need additional support to fully develop their English comprehension and communication skills and keep up with the school programme. ..... 2-6 歲


    A fun-filled, stimulating theme-based programme where little ones develop language skills naturally and spontaneously through listening, observing, exploring and experiencing the language in action. ..... 2-6 歲


    For native French-speaking children who can understand and/or speak some of the language, with at least one native French-speaking parent, and who follow the local, ESF or international school system (other than French). ..... 2-6 歲

Mentorhood Learning Centre

Mentorhood 數學課程 針對小朋友學習時遇到的解難問題,透過方塊圖型、心智圖及直向思維,以最輕鬆、簡單的手法啟發數學思維,讓小朋友學習融會貫.....


    Trinity Young Performers Certificate Preparation

    Bring out the performance skills in your students! This award is designed for groups of children up to the age of 7. Our native English teachers will work with your students to prepare them for the exam. ..... 4-7 歲

    English Paradise

    It is an all in one English Oral class which promotes interactive learning and creativity. It aims to help children to speak more accurately through attention to grammar, pronunciation and vocabulary. It further develops children’s interest in the English language, imagination, self awareness and ..... 3-7 歲

    Phonics & Storyland

    We do not just teach your children the sound of phonics, we teach them the application of phonics to enhance their English skill through our ‘Storyland’ using Hooked On Phonics. Mentorhood Phonics and Storyland recognizes the centrality of comprehension in the reading process. Reading is part of..... 4-7 歲

    Reading and Writing

    This course has been created for the youngest eager writers, starting at K3, which is a preparation course for primary or elementary school. Through understanding and analyzing the short stories in each class, students are explored to different vocabulary and build a strong foundation in writing. St..... 4-7 歲


    Our playgroup courses are specially designed to maximize your child’s confidence and performance for them to become independent learners and thinkers. ..... 1-3 歲


Sport4Kids run classes across Hong Kong for 18 month olds to 16 years old. We offer one of the widest range of sports, including rugby, soccer swimming, gymnastics, basketball, mini-sports and a varie.....



    This multi-sport program gives young children the opportunity to learn a variety of skills while playing many different sports. Children will participate in soccer, basketball, rugby, hockey, tennis, all the time developing their coordination and gross motor skills...... 2-5 歲


    Swimming is a very popular activity and an essential life skill, for all children. Sport4Kids have designed a swimming program which encourages learning in a progressive, safe and educational environment. Sport4Kids’ swimming program is based around the FUNdamental skills of swimming, teaching ..... 3-8 歲

Bebegarten 幼兒教育中心

At Bebegarten, children come first. We inspire, not just teach. We let children explore, experience and love naturally the world they live in......



    嬰兒會在一個安全、具啟發性、溫暖及輕鬆的課室及遊樂場內學習。我們引導嬰兒發展及加強他們肢體活動能力,包括頭頸的控制、手指的靈巧度、大小肌肉控制及身體平衡。 其中最重要的訓練為感覺統合。感覺系統的訊息..... 1-1 歲


    漸漸長大的寶寶變得更為好動及獨立。課堂重點與爬行寶寶遊戲小組相同,但會就著幼兒的身體發展變化及學習需要,透過不同的活動,加強站立、爬行、手指的靈巧度、大小肌肉控制及身體平衡的訓練。 我們會透過更多刺..... 1-2 歲


    我們的老師會按幼兒的身心發展階段及不斷改變的學習需要而設計內容。這些精力充沛、滿有好奇心的學行幼兒對新的挑戰及體驗特別興奮及投入。我們的課程著重訓練幼兒的獨立能力,社交能力,加強專注力及賦予他們作出抉..... 1-3 歲


    兒童在這年紀需要給予機會讓他們獨立處事,而老師的肯定及支持尤為重要。在課堂上,我們引導孩子隨意、自主地進行小組活動、懂得探索及反思學習、建立友誼。每學期他們均會環繞一個主題作廣泛的學習。我們更會鼓勵兒..... 2-3 歲

Colour My World

To introduce art into the community! Through constant pursuit of innovative ideas by the growing team of practicing artists and educators, Colour My World's vision of 'Art for the Soul' continues t.....


    VISUAL ARTS WORKSHOPS—Explorers Art (3-5 years)

    Just for little hands, Explorer’s Art is all about exploring Art ! Refining gross motor skills and experimenting, exploring and creating with tactile media, this programme introduces the world of art to as young as 3 years old...... 3-5 歲

    VISUAL ARTS WORKSHOPS—Explorers Art (3-5 years)

    Just for little hands, Explorer’s Art is all about exploring Art ! Refining gross motor skills and experimenting, exploring and creating with tactile media, this programme introduces the world of art to as young as 3 years old...... 3-5 歲

    VISUAL ARTS WORKSHOPS—Core Art (5 years +)

    Come hone your art and craft skills in Core Art, which is dedicated to inspiring, developing and creating masterpieces for children between 5 to 11 years old. Looking at a variety of media from 2D planning and painting to 3D constructing and sculpting...... 5-7 歲

    VISUAL ARTS WORKSHOPS—Ready-Set-Draw! (8 years +)

    Want to improve your current drawing skills or add new skills to your repertoire? Learn how to ‘lift’ your drawings off the page with techniques in perspective, shading, hatching and weighted line, along with proper proportion! With a bit of observation and imagination, drawing will bec..... 8-11 歲

    VISUAL ARTS WORKSHOPS—Sculpture Culture (8 years +)

    Combining a variety of new materials to build, stick, layer, construct, mould and shape, Sculpture Culture is all about getting your hands dirty and your brain scheming! Students will enter a higher level of three dimensional sculpture developments from concept devising to 3D sketching as Sculpture..... 8-11 歲

    Ceramic Fanatics ( 10 years +)

    Ceramic Fanatics takes a route into self-led clay building and modelling for novice ceramic sculptors. Bringing inspirational, personal ideas to the creative table, participants will take on ambitious outcomes in material processes and scale. Introductions to new decorative strategies such as colour..... 10-15 歲