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Little Montessorian

Little Montessorian® provides Montessori Education to Montessori Playgroup and Pre-school aged children. We aim to facilitate children to develop to their full intellectual capacity; to promote inbor.....


    Casa dei Bambini (2 - 6 yr)

    This program aims to provide a Montessori learning environment to our 2-6 years old children. Our Montessori teacher observes your children carefully and presents the well-designed materials and activities to stimulate your children in order to develop their own full potential. ..... 2-6 歲

    Montessori Playgroup (12m-2.5yr)

    This program aims to provide a Montessori learning environment to stimulate your young children. Our Montessori teacher carefully plan the Montessori activities which would lead the children to build fine-motor and gross-motor skills, good observation, independency, confidence, excellent cognitive s..... 1-3 歲

    Mandarin (PTH) Class (1 – 8yr)

    Our Montessori Putonghua program aims to foster the language development of Chinese in Putonghua. This program combines sensory and fun activities such as Montessori Work Cycle, Music & Movement, Art & Craft, Words Cards & Games, etc. Our main goal is to assist young children in developing their Chi..... 1-8 歲

    Montessori Math (3-6yr)

    Dr. Montessori developed a full range of Math materials from simple counting to early algebra. She has found that a young child can easily absorb the concepts and skills of arithmetic in a delightful and effective way. ..... 3-6 歲

    Montessori Phonic 44 (3-6yr)

    Dr. Montessori found it's beneficial for her pupils to use Language in Action (Morris, 1974-83) which incorporates Phonics 44 in story books and other materials for young children. This system uses the pink, blue and green series of materials that Montessorian generally used. ..... 3-6 歲

Aristle Group International 雅士圖國際教育

Aristle Group International is the only GIFTED education organisation founded and managed by GIFTED personnel. [Little Aristle: 6m to 6 yrs] [ARISTLE Gifted Institute: 7yrs to 15yrs] Gifted Ed, EQ and.....



    我們的自然探索智能培訓課程旨在激發和培養孩子的自然探索智能。自然探索智能意指分辨、觀察、了解和適應環境的能力,當中包括對於社會的探索和自然的探索兩個方面的探索智能。 ..... 6-16 歲


    我們的創意思維培訓課程旨在培養我們的學生成為富創造力的思想家和發明家。創意思維強的人能跳出固有的框框去思考,並敢於以創新的方法去解決問題。 ..... 6-15 歲

    Aristle PRESTIGE 私人授課

    Aristle PRESTIGE是一個深受家長歡迎的課程。以私人授課形式進行,更有效為個別同學,自組小班及帶同朋友們一同上課。Aristle PRESTIGE將會為個別同學或小組設計課程內容,令課程於時間及內容上更具彈性。 語言選擇:英文、西..... 2-15 歲

Creatreading 創閱學

創閱學高速閱讀訓練課程專為 3-6 歲幼兒而設, 目的把握幼兒在這階段的黃金學習時期, 利用右腦的學習潛能,培訓幼兒認讀大量中英文生字.....



    孩子們學習了這種不用音標的發音規律可以很快學會拼讀不認識的單詞,並且可以迅速提升英語閱讀能力。 全個課程共分四個階段: 階段一: 採用圖像方式學習子音和母音的發音 階段二 : 操練基本子音和母音的發音技巧 階..... 4-6 歲


    "創閱學亦為孩子提供普通話課程,作為孩子學習普通話的輔助課程。課程以單對單教學為主,配合小組活動,令孩子除有更多機會操練普通話外,亦可以加深老師對孩子進度的了解,從而提升學習的質素及成效。 課程一 創..... 4-6 歲

Nice Studio Wise Studio 藝思研習社 維思教室




    本課程由多位資深導師根據各名校入學內容及形式編制,適合現就讀 K2 / Lower 班的小朋友。有層次地培訓小朋友對日常生活環境的認知及分析,提高表達能力及判斷力,說話的組織力,以及靈活應變的能力,讓小朋友以熟練的面..... 4-5 歲


    小一入學是每一個小朋友學業成長的一個重要的關鍵,父母對於子女考取小學份外緊張,希望他們成功考取理想的小學,為小朋友的將來鋪路。小朋友面試時的表現往往影響小朋友被取錄的機會,很多小朋友在正式小學面試時,..... 4-5 歲

    Trinity Guildhall Drama & Speech

    A 16-lesson programme is designed for the students participating the examination. Trinity Examinations are formally accredited by the UK Government's Qualifications & Curriculum Authority (QCA). A Certificate will be issued with comments from a fully qualified London based examiner. ..... 5-12 歲

    Trinity Graded Examinations in Spoken English (GESE)

    Trinity's Graded Examinations in Spoken English provide a reliable and valid scheme of assessment through which learners and teachers can measure progress and development. A 16-lesson programme is designed to prepare children for this examination. ..... 5-12 歲

    Phonics Programme

    This is a synthetic-phonics programme. With actions for each of the 117 letter sounds and the multi-sensory method is very motivating for children. We also use a variety of practical teaching aids based on the syllabus; such as blending, decoding of words etc. ..... 5-12 歲

    Creative Writing

    This programme designed for students aged 5-12. This popular writing program builds a range of skills bases on sentence structure, grammar, story planning and ideas development. Fiction & non-fiction writing, as well as different styles such as poetry & short story formats, ensure that students rec..... 5-12 歲

Hong Kong Institute of Languages

We teach foreign languages to children (from 1½ year old), teens and adults. Teaching is uniquely provided by highly qualified and experienced teachers who have a real passion for teaching. We shal.....



    Depending on his/her age group, your child will experience movement and mime through to acting out stories, puppetry and role-plays, all aimed at boosting his/her desire to communicate. At the end of the term he/she will have the opportunity to perform for you in our specially designed drama room, ..... 2-6 歲


    This is a full-time programme taking place every morning (and/or afternoon) and following the same syllabus as French schools abroad, with a main emphasis on acquiring a solid foundation in both languages. We offer different levels to meet the needs of each child. ..... 2-6 歲


    To boost your child's Mandarin skills in a creative and entertaining setting. During these courses, your child will: sing songs, read stories, use puppets, play games and participate in arts and crafts and other fun-filled activities; reinforce what he/she has learnt in class; enhance his/her li..... 2-6 歲


    For non native English-speaking children attending an ESF or International School who need additional support to fully develop their English comprehension and communication skills and keep up with the school programme. ..... 2-6 歲


    A fun-filled, stimulating theme-based programme where little ones develop language skills naturally and spontaneously through listening, observing, exploring and experiencing the language in action. ..... 2-6 歲


    For native French-speaking children who can understand and/or speak some of the language, with at least one native French-speaking parent, and who follow the local, ESF or international school system (other than French). ..... 2-6 歲

ITS School 研習學校

ITS Education Asia – Pathways to Learning. Our schools are registered by the Hong Kong Education Bureau since 2005. .....



    劍橋兒童英語 (第一級、第二級、第三級、證書第一級、證書第二級) ..... 5-13 歲


    PTE兒童英語考試 (預備、起步、進步、突破) ..... 5-13 歲


Conveniently located in Central, Hong Kong, KidsEdge is an interactive center for learners of Communication Art and Language Art. We offer fun, engaging and challenging Communications, English and Ma.....


    Tiny Talkers (P.N. To K.1.)

    In Tiny Talkers, your child will build his or her vocabulary, practice his speaking and pronunciation skills, and learn to read for meaning, all while being engaged with exciting and wonderful stories suited to his age group. Engaging activities such as story-telling, show and tell, role-play etc wo..... 3-4 歲

    Interviewing Skills (K.1 to K.3)

    Our course concentrates on preparing her for all aspects of the interview. During the programme, your child will learn how to conduct himself with poise and confidence. Key skills based exercises will be covered in this programme, such as story telling, reading, show and tell, spelling and writing e..... 3-6 歲

    Story Tellers (K.2 to K.3)

    In KidsEdge’s Story Tellers programme, we encourage children to sequence a story, predict what will happen in the story, to comment on the story, and to make connections between the story and their personal experience. This enriches the experience of reading and encourages higher level thought and..... 4-6 歲

    Public Speaking (P.1 to P.6)

    By teaching your child public speaking you will be giving them confidence, writing skills, improved memory, problem solving abilities, strong vocal projection and awareness in many important aspects of life. Our comprehensive Public Speaking Programme can help at various levels. In this programme, ..... 6-13 歲

    Trinity & LCM (Aged 4 & Up)

    GESE examinations are an assessment of speaking and listening skills. They are one-to-one oral examinations with a native English-speaking Trinity examiner who travels from the UK. Candidates must be at least 5 years old at the time of the examination. ..... 4-13 歲

    Active Phonics & Reading (Aged 3 & Up)

    Letterland is a child-friendly, multi-modal system for teaching children to read, write and spell. The secret of its worldwide success lies in its pictogram characters and their ability to make learning fun! In class activities will include songs and stories, spelling exercises, word sorts, phonics ..... 3-13 歲

Kids Gallery 兒童藝廊

兒童藝廊於1996年創辦,專門提供獨特的藝術教育給兒童。現於香港設立中環、九龍塘及貝沙灣三所藝術中心,我們更於廣州和吉隆坡設有海外中心。 .....


    Arts and Crafts

    透過藝術來激發想像和加強對感官的認識 有趣的互動學習環境,結合歌曲,講故事,和食品藝術 使用藝術工具,學習藝術技巧 ..... 2-6 歲

    Ballet Junior

    這個課程是以充滿創意的方式,包括透過音樂,唱歌,動作讓孩子學習芭蕾舞步。孩子若從幼兒時期開始接觸音樂和舞步,可加強創意和想像力空間。 ..... 1-3 歲


    透過經典及當代故事來發掘孩子對語文的興趣。在課堂上,導師會以故事書,非小説,美術,角色扮演,遊戲,和歌唱,帶領孩子踏入語文世界。 ..... 1-3 歲

    Ballet Stage 1

    芭蕾舞基本舞步 創意熱身,練習,配合道具和舞蹈服裝舞蹈排練 增強力量,柔韌性,平衡和節奏感 ..... 2-3 歲

    Musical Movement

    透過活動激發​​想像,創造和表達 探索互動主題和故事 通過學習平衡,協調來獲得信心 ..... 2-4 歲


    發展欣賞文學的能力 不同主題的藝術作品,角色扮演和活動 聆聽和理解能力 ..... 2-5 歲

The Whole Child Development Centre

Many parents subject their child to academic stimuli while neglecting other core elements of development. While we agree that knowledge is important we also hold that a child’s attitude is much mor.....


    Articulations Class

    Our Articulations class aims to help identify the speech sounds that each individual child has trouble enunciating in his/her speech. We correct these errors through fun class activities/games. While helping children raise awareness to their own vocalizations. A tailor-made worksheet is also provide..... 3-6 歲

    Research and Public Speaking

    Research and Public Speaking is a course that is specially designed for our young scholars to experience and learn about the different processes involved in research projects ..... 6-13 歲

    Kindergarten Preparation Program

    Areas identified for improvement will then be incorporated into a tailor-made program based on the child’s needs. This individualized program will target the areas that required improvement by engaging the child in activities that will stimulate growth in those particular aspects. ..... 3-5 歲

    Foundations Class

    Our Foundations Class aims to build the foundations of knowledge, concepts, and skills that are required for every toddler’s future. Unlike a playgroup whose aim is to expose infants to social situations, our Foundations Class encompasses not only social exposure but preliminary programs based on ..... 1-2 歲

    Reading and Writing Class

    It is never too young to start reading. At The Whole Child Development Center we believe that when teaching reading, focusing on a single style of teaching such as phonics or card flashing is not sufficient. ..... 4-6 歲

Banana Art Club

Banana Art Club was founded in 2011 with the mission to make the art learning experience a positive one by ensuring the highest level of instruction in all areas and providing the optimal settings for.....


    Drawing, Sketching and Watercolor

    Drawing ,representing objects or forms on a surface chiefly by means of lines, tones and color, is a good way for art beginners to get started with. Though freehand drawing lessons, students will develop good observation skills and a good sense of proportions. In a short time, students will be able ..... 5-14 歲

    Chinese Painting

    Simple and concise, free style Chinese painting is an unique form of art. With plenty of imagination, one can master the painting techniques easily and produce a satisfactory result. In a short time, students continue to surprise themselves with their ability. Flowers, insects and landscape are tau..... 6-13 歲

    Manga and Cartoon Drawing

    ​Learn from basic construction sketching to finish drawing quick concept for comics cartoon illustration, manga, anime. Quick and easy drawing and sketching instruction, constructed and draw face and body: Torso, head. story making and framing will be taught as well. ..... 6-16 歲

    Oil & Acrylic Painting

    Different techniques like color-mixing, texturing, impasto, knife-painting are taught before moving on to composition in landscape, still life and portrait. Besides creating your own style and masterpieces, work of great masters are studied. Program adjusts to individual student. It paves way for s..... 11-16 歲

    In-home Art Course - Drawing, Sketching, Watercolor and Cartoon

    Drawing ,representing objects or forms on a surface chiefly by means of lines, tones and color, is a good way for art beginners to get started with. Though the freehand drawing lessons, students will develop good observation skills and a good sense of proportions. In a short time, students will be a..... 5-14 歲

    In-home Art Course - Chinese Painting

    introduce the students to a Chinese art form. the students are shown brush strokes that allow them to create various animals, insects, flowers and landscapes . Again, after a period of practice, the students are encouraged to use all the strokes to create a complex compositions. Students will dem..... 6-13 歲

Creative Kids 奇極創作室

Since its inception in 1991, CreativeKids has ignited a creative spirit among children and parents. Characterized by comprehensive and age-appropriate art and design programs, CreativeKids has nurture.....



    A program of affirmative art experience for parent or toddler to nurture creativity and positive mindset as foundation for a fulfilling future. ..... 1-3 歲


    Confidence-building program of sensory-stimulated individual and group art experiences that introduce visual elements, concepts and art as a tool for exploring the world ..... 2-4 歲

    Art Program

    The comprehensive Art Program is made popular by its student centered, versatile and developmental-appropriate characteristics. ..... 3-17 歲

    Morden Chinese Art

    A balanced emphasis is placed between traditional and contemporary approaches. ..... 3-12 歲


    Cross-curricular in design, kidesign programs link together art, design, architecture, engineering and science. They are structured to encourage innovative thinking and research, drawing inspiration from nature, traditins and our environment. ..... 5-17 歲


    An intensive skill-based program in helping youngsters visualize their creative mental ideas. ..... 5-17 歲

Essential Chinese Language Centre 主流漢語



    GAPSK 普通話水平考試 班

    隨著香港回歸祖國,社會語言也隨之發生了變化。香港特別行政區特別關注年輕一代的語文能力,有學校更將普通話課程編入了小一的教程中。由學校到社會都強調兩文三語。隨著普通話在社區內迅速滲透和普及,學習普通話的..... 4-13 歲


    KPCC (Kiddies Putonghua Certificate in Communication) 幼兒普通話水平測試, 是由中國藝術家協會香港秘書處組織、北京清華紫光教育機構協辦及負責發證。 ..... 4-6 歲


    特別挑選小朋友喜愛的兒歌、童謠, 配合有趣舞步增加學生的興趣 ..... 4-6 歲

First Little Step

Long DescriptionFirst Little Step provides a clean and safe environment for learning and playing. We aim to help them explore the world safely step by step, by developing their different senses, refin.....



    1-2歲小朋友將透過童謠、音樂、故事等協助心智發展更有適量舒展活動以鍛練平衡力及強健肌肉。課堂更設額外設有茶點時間可使小朋友學會排隊洗手自我管理及手工勞作時間有助小朋友美術發展 等等。 ..... 1-2 歲


    備受家長和老師推崇的英國故事系列 Oxford Reading Tree (ORT),已引入 Playgroup 之中。溫馨幽默的英式家庭故事,富想像力的兒童歷險內容,再配合為幼兒成長需要而貼身設計的活動,讓幼兒投入故事世界,在不知不覺中愛上英語,..... 1-3 歲


    為3歲或以下的幼兒而設,讓您的寶寶為幼稚園的課程作好準備。課程促進幼兒身體、語言、認知、情緒及溝通的技巧和發展,訓練孩子的自理能力及獨立性使小朋友可於完成本課程後輕鬆地面對日後幼稚園面試及幼稚園正規課..... 2-3 歲


    學習普通話常用詞語和句子,訓練四聲發音、基本聲母及韻母,用詩歌、故事、繞口令等形式,訓練拼音基礎知識。 ..... 4-5 歲


    重點訓練小朋友的咬字、發音、聲調等 ,訓練小朋友的自信心 ,提供更好表現自己的平台 ,目標在不同朗讀比賽中獲得最理想佳績 ,老師更會推薦表現,優秀的學生參加比賽 ..... 4-6 歲


    劍橋小學英語考試(YLE Tests),是由全球最具權威之考試機構,劍橋大學考試委員會所舉辦,評核試共分為3個學習階段(Starters, Movers及Flyers),考獲有關級別可獲合格證書,是一個富樂趣以及全無壓迫性的學習英語途徑。 ..... 4-8 歲

Selin Method 學林教育




    學林數學,逐步培養學生良好的學習習慣和學習態度,有效地訓練形象思維和邏輯思維,並提高分析、綜合、推理、計算和理解能力,迅速啟動智力潛能,發掘學習數學的最大可能性,實現超前教育—讓學生超越現時學校同班級..... 3-13 歲


    學林中文簡介 1)緊扣中文大綱,全面地系統化練習圖文並茂,學而不倦。2)閱讀的範文配有CD,用普通話朗讀,讓學生熟悉了解普通話,增加普通話的語感。3)中文知識的各種題型的綜合練習,並有成語、俗語、對聯、笑話等中國..... 6-13 歲


    學林英文以提高小學生英文水平,培養能力,發展智力為目的。學林英文系統性強,內容包括詞匯、句型、語法、閱讀理解、寫作訓練,全面兼顧,循序漸進,幫助小學生打好英文的根基。..... 5-13 歲

Global First Education 一環教育




    一環教育中心(Global First Education Centre)所屬機構 2011 年委託英國劍橋大學、教育學院教授衛布萊德博士(Dr. Whitebread)領導的專業團隊,通過兩年的研究,設計出一 套適用於本地學前教育的獨特《教學法》。..... 4-6 歲


    漢語啟蒙課程、小學漢語課程及詞彙與寫作課程(初級、高級) 均由北京師範大學專家教授編製並通過北京師範大學基礎教育對外合作辦學部的審核及認 證,學生成功修畢相關課程及達八成出席率,可另外申請由北京師範大..... 6-13 歲


中國香港棋院 創辦於二零零七年,作為一所教育機構,我們一直致力從事本港的兒童教育 及 棋藝文化推廣工作。以香港亞運代表為首之專業教學團隊 (.....



    圍棋是中國傳統的琴「棋」書畫四藝之一。圍棋只有黑白兩種棋子,形式和規則也很簡單,但是它的博大精深、玄妙無窮卻是所有棋類之最,絕對是一種能夠全面開發小孩左、右腦的棋藝遊戲。 ..... 3-13 歲


    象棋歷史悠久,是中國傳統的二人對弈棋藝遊戲,又稱「中國象棋」,於華人地區很流行。象棋的主要玩法是模仿古代戰爭,利用各種棋子來攻擊對方的棋子並捉拿對方的帥,是一種很能夠開發邏輯思維的棋藝遊戲。 ..... 3-13 歲


    國際象棋是世界流行的二人對弈棋藝遊戲,以捉拿對方的王為目標。國際象棋的兵種及棋盤皆與中國象棋相似,但棋子的特殊走法,如「王車易位」和「吃過路兵」等,是一種很能夠開發邏輯思維的棋藝遊戲。 ..... 3-13 歲


    棋是有形之物,因此可以從中發掘數學,無論棋子走法或棋盤設計,都與數學上的數值運算、坐標幾何互相關聯,而且兩者都要求邏輯推理、判斷思維及精確計算,在棋數的世界裡,讓兒童從棋藝領略數學的趣味。 ..... 6-13 歲

    智力棋 – Blokus

    Blokus是一款色彩鮮豔,遊戲規則簡單到不可思議的方塊遊戲,可以4人同時對奕,小孩可以從簡單的遊戲中鍛鍊思考的習慣,更能有效地開發右腦,掌握對圖像的綜合運用。 ..... 4-13 歲

    智力棋 – 黑白棋

    黑白棋十分富有教育意義,其中較為人熟悉的便是數學的「偶數定律」。小孩於下棋時要不斷運用此定律計算,所以除了訓練邏輯思維外,對其數學成績有一定的幫助。黑白棋規則簡單,容易上手,所以一向深受大眾歡迎。 ..... 3-13 歲

Jean M Wong School of Ballet 王仁曼芭蕾舞學校

Established in 1973, The Tsinforn C. Wong Scholarship was renamed The Tsinforn C. Wong Memorial Scholarship (the Scholarship), in 1983, to commemorate the Principal’s late father. The Scholarship i.....


    Toddlers & Pre-School Classes

    本校的學前舞蹈課程以古典芭蕾舞為基礎,加上音樂和故事,並在輕鬆和愉快的氣氛下,訓練兒童腦部、手、腳和腿部肌肉的協調能力;學習高貴、優雅的站姿和舞步組合;從而啟發及培養兒童的審美觸覺、想像力、觀察力、節..... 2-4 歲

    Vocational Graded Examination Classes

    芭蕾專修班旨在訓練有意投身舞蹈界成為舞蹈員或老師的學生。專修班學生需於每星期最少上課三次,本校的專業導師們將透過嚴格的訓練及指導,幫助學生提升基本技巧及表現質素,為應考英國皇家舞蹈學院專業試作出最好準..... 6-16 歲

Music Room @Central 音樂室

我們矢志為器樂老師提供一個專業網絡,使無論在家中或教室以外都可以集合資源,讓教師及音樂學生得以受惠於優質音樂教育。 .....


    I am Music 3.5 - 5 歲音樂親子班

    由經驗豐富的專業導師以德國奧福Carl Orff教學法及台灣美育的課材教授。孩子將在充滿音樂及極具鼓勵性的環境中,透過參與活潑的活動,在短期內具備豐富的音樂感、節奏感、表達能力、想像力及自信 (即成功演奏樂器的要素)..... 3-5 歲


    年幼的小朋友於初學琴時大都會有共通的難處而感到氣餒:認音符、打拍子、控制十指協調等。這課程正針對以上三項難處,讓孩子在活動形式中初次接觸鋼琴,掌握基礎重點! ..... 3-4 歲


    小組教學,確保每位學員得到照顧,密集式上課有助加強記憶,同學得以最佳狀態應試,獨家課程內容編排及獨到筆記,讓助學員透徹理解並易於溫習,38小時的課程足以作不同形式的複習,既充實又可保持進度 ..... 6-13 歲

    Young Performer Music Day Camp

    此課程首次開辦時反應熱烈,現應同學及家長要求趁暑期再辦!難得地由大師Mr. Bob Diefendorf主理,負責編課及教授,透過創意遊戲及有趣比賽,孩子們將會具體領悟到音色控制,情感表達,特別和聲等抽象慨念。完成課程,孩子..... 5-9 歲

Parsons Music Centre 柏斯音樂藝術中心



    Kawai Music School 幼兒音樂律動課程 (1歲 – 3歲)

    "KAWAI Music School 於1956年創立,以""在學習音樂的過程中,啟發各種潛能,並透過音樂豐富人格魅力""為目的,為各個不同年齡層的學生開辦多個啟發性的藝術教育課程。50年來在日本設立 5,700 所音樂學校,並已培養了超過 270,000 ..... 1-3 歲

    小小莫札特音樂教室 (2歲半 – 4歲)

    由全球最大的美國音樂教育出版社 “Alfred Music Publishing” 編製的”小小莫札特音樂教室”教材,多年來深受各地歡迎,為音樂導師及家長廣泛採用。現時小小莫札特音樂教室的課程遍及美國、加拿大、澳洲、新西蘭、新加坡、..... 2-4 歲

    兒童鋼琴班 , 親親童樂鋼琴班 (3歲半 – 4歲半)

    本課程是一個學習鋼琴的基礎課程,以活潑生動的教學法,讓學童一同學習音樂及彈奏鋼琴的技巧。此課程是以班制形式上課,不但能訓練學童適應群體生活,更能從中建立個人自信。此外,透過全面的音樂訓練,可培養小朋友..... 3-5 歲

    小海頓弦樂教室 (3歲半 – 5歲)

    以著名的鈴木教學法啟門,讓學員掌握小提琴演奏的正確姿勢,培養內心聽覺的音準能力、基本演唱旋律的感力、視譜能力、樂理知識及基本技巧訓練;並會教導多首世界名曲的演奏技巧,從而讓他們領會每首樂曲中的內容。 ..... 3-5 歲

Science Workshop

Our mission is to inspire the passion of thinking and learning, and to instill a scientific way of observing the world. Our budding scientists, mathematicians and engineers will augment their creat.....



    Our science curriculum is based on the AAAS Benchmarks for Science Literacy and the Science Education Standards from NRC and endorsed and adopted by NSTA. We develop our curriculum on the premise that science is an active process. Through “hands-on” activities, students learn such skills as obse..... 3-13 歲


    Our mathematics curriculum is designed according to the University of Chicago School Mathematics Project Everyday Mathematics Goals, which is based on the NCTM Standards. Our courses are designed to present abstract mathematical theories in a concrete manner, providing opportunities for children to ..... 3-7 歲


    Our early childhood learning curriculum is based on findings from the the MSEB at NRC and AAAS. Our learners will be exposed to a wide range of mathematic activities that are intertwined with science topics. They will work in a stimulating environment using interesting materials and real-life obje..... 2-3 歲


    This is a program for learning through multimedia technology, bringing out the creativity in children through not just engineering principles but also arts and design. Our multimedia technology program uses graphical programming software developed at the MIT Media Lab. Graphical programming is desig..... 7-13 歲

Spanish World Hong Kong

Spanish World HK成立於2006年,是香港第一間專注提供西班牙語言課程的學校。我們一直致力為有志者提供不同程度的課程,助學生開拓知識,提高競爭力及.....



    由於西班牙語應用地區愈來愈廣,很多學生都選擇西班牙語,為本地升學或到外地升學做好準備。香港新的教育課程中可選修西班牙語;而到外地升學(如英國及美國等)要求學生掌握第二外語,西班牙語是大部分學生的首選。..... 11-15 歲


    Our Playgroup curriculum is intended for 3 to 5 year old children and can be covered approximately in one year and a half with 2 classes of one hour per week. Once they finish the playgroup program they can start the Spanish For Kids Program where the students will learn more vocabulary, simple gram..... 3-5 歲


    "Spanish For Kids" can be covered in one year and a half, having 1,5 hours of class per week. The program is divided into 12 units with each unit divided into 4 classes of 1.5 hours. We designed the "Spanish for Kids" program as a bridge towards studying secondary school Spanish and our objective is..... 6-10 歲

Starlit Art Space

Starlit Art Space builds its curriculum on the principle that we provide the creative support to bridge the gap between academia and visual art for students aged 3-18. Students will learn to create ar.....



    Introducing the fundamental elements, techniques and language of visual art. Students will push the boundaries of line, shape and color. Guided projects will allow students to understand materials and experiment with their use. Individual oral presentations will follow the completion of projects, en..... 3-5 歲


    Exploring techniques and esthetics through observation and discussion. Students will learn the principles of visual art and their individual application. They will be given the opportunity to develop their creative potential, experimenting with new materials and their use. Students will talk about t..... 6-8 歲


    Students will define their own style, developing specialised skills and expanding their knowledge of more complex artistic processes. They will build a portfolio, publicly showcase, present and discuss their work. They will have the opportunity to see what it takes to be a professional artist by loo..... 9-18 歲

Story Jungle Education Centre

Founded in 2002, Story Jungle is a premier English learning centre tailored for Hong Kong students 3 to 18 years old specialising in English reading, writing, grammar and speaking. .....


    Grammar Enhancement through Reading and Writing

    Grammar lessons are interwoven with interactive reading and writing exercises to strengthen students’ English foundation under the guidance of our whole language approach ..... 6-13 歲

    Creative Reading and Writing

    Students will learn creative writing techniques and varied writing styles to inspire them to create interesting stories of their own innovation. The course will help students nurture a love for English literature and a natural desire to read and write. ..... 6-13 歲

    Oral Express

    Students will practice their oral skills by presenting their views through oral interviews, debates and presentations. It aims to strengthen student’s vocabulary usage, pronunciation, intonation for the purpose of enhancing their competence and confidence by communicating in English. ..... 6-13 歲

    Private Tutorial

    We can design a curriculum tailored to your child’s needs. ..... 3-13 歲

Twinkle Dance Company

Twinkle Dance Company was established in 2007, by Twinkle Lam. The company is specialized in dance education - dedicated and strives to provide quality and professional dance education to students of .....


    Royal Academy of Dance: Ballet Examination Class

    Students that study the R.A.D. syllabus will be preparing for the R.A.D. examinations during May to June each year. Students are given the opportunity to challenge themselves by demonstrating their knowledge and understanding of the work and will receive a graded certificate. ..... 4-16 歲

    Jazz Examination Syllabus: Jazzaddict Australasia , CSTD

    A fun and high energy dance style from elements of both classical jazz dance technique, lyrical and musical theatre. A class where you can move and dance to popular songs and latest hits. Students are given the opportunity to enter Jazzaddict Australasia and CSTD Modern Jazz examinations annually. ..... 4-16 歲

    Funky Dance

    Funky dance is a fun and upbeat dance style that combines the elements of commercial jazz and hip-hop. Moving and grooving to the latest popular music, the class consists of warm ups, streatchings, exercises and choreographies. Through out the course, students will learn dance combinations, in which..... 4-16 歲

    Private Class

    Twinkle Dance Company offers private lessons for individuals whom enjoy one-on-one tutorial, or with a small group of friends who want to learn together. The curriculum of these lessons will be customized and designed to fit perfectly with your level and needs. This not only allows you to choose the..... 4-16 歲

WaLa Art Studio 嘩啦 藝術工作室

嘩啦藝術工作室 Wa La Art & Creative Studio 由一群海外畢業導師,藝術家,設計師,教育界人士組成。聘請主修視覺藝術的老師任教視覺藝術科,達致「專科.....


    3 – 6歲 視覺藝術啟蒙班

    主要利用黏土和畫畫,及不同材料進行繪畫,身體力行, 把握孩子3至6歲開始自我創造的 *黃金時期*, 透過 創意思維訓練,提高小朋友愛上創新及創意, 陪養對藝術興趣。 ..... 3-6 歲

    星期日 英語視覺藝術啟蒙

    英語授課, 學生字之餘,也會學習如何使用生字,一邊學畫畫,一邊學英文 , Learn English through Art 從藝術課堂中輕鬆學英語 . 可幫助小朋友多聽英語, 多學生字, 從創作中提高自信,同時也不怕講英語,打破沈悶英語堂,提高學習興..... 3-6 歲


    主要利用黏土和畫畫,及不同材料進行創作,身體力行,由靈感到設計構想, 一步一步嘗試, 慢慢讓學員學會自行設計, 親身體驗創意成果, 有效提升自我學習能力。課堂會為每個學生設計不同主題, 開啟想像空間。提升兒童空間..... 6-12 歲


    以創作練習技巧為主, 再平衡表象與實踐技巧。由靈感到設計構想,一步一步嘗試, 慢慢讓學員學會自行設計,親身體驗創意成果,有效提升及尋找學習能力 ..... 6-12 歲

Little Kickers Hong Kong

Little Kickers Hong Kong is Hong Kong owned and operated. Using ground-breaking techniques devised in the UK in 2002, Little Kickers has been a global success story...and has now arrived in Asia to b.....


    Little Kicks®

    Setting off at a light trot, the most pressing priority here is something we refer to as ‘learning to learn.’ Simple problem-solving activities provide the perfect informal framework for encouraging our potential Football Stars to advance their basic attention building and listening skills. ..... 1-2 歲

    Junior Kickers

    From light trot to gentle canter our budding ball maestros are now at a point where they will be encouraged to participate in structured games and imaginative free-play, adding yet another dimension to their already flourishing footwork. In other words, basic ball mastery is harnessed via multi-d..... 2-3 歲

    Mighty Kickers

    With more basic options now at their disposal our next task is to couple your child’s blossoming physical and social confidence with a greater grasp of how to read the beautiful game. Shielding, first touch play and defensive positioning are all classic examples of simple skills that over time wil..... 3-5 歲

    Mega Kickers

    There’s no need to leave at 5! Mega Kickers was developed in response to popular demand – many children who attend Little Kickers classes want to continue to build their skills – both physical and social - once they have turned 5. The Mega Kickers philosophy is divided into 3 core areas to e..... 5-7 歲

Alazizi Artventureland

Àlazizi ARTventureland is a wondrous place for art lovers of all ages where all your dreams can come true. Alazizi ARTventureland provides an innovative “Junior Master Artist (JMA) Project” pr.....


Chocolate Factory Performing Arts and Education Centre 巧克力演藝教育中心

We can offer a variety of dance performance, including Belly dance, jazz dance, ballet, and K-Pop for wedding, annual dinner, festival, birthday party, etc. On the other hand, we can give you private .....


    Musical Theater Dance Singing Performance Class

    Don’t hesitate to apply our Musical Theater Dance and Singing Performance Class if your kids are interested in exploring their talents in dancing, singing and acting(drama). With 45 minutes of singing tutorial in addition with dancing and drama practise respectively, Musical Theater Dance and Si..... 4-7 歲

    Kids Jazz Ballet class

    Blending with Jazz and Ballet basic moves like stretching, running and jumping, this course aims to enhance children’s interest in learning dancing. To make the learning funny, we will use stories, role plays and games as the means of teaching. Students with satisfied result will also be recommend..... 4-7 歲

    Kids K-POP Class

    K-POP(Korean-POP) dancing is always known as a trendy and fascinated class among our school as well as the society. Students may grasp the chance to experience multi-dances such as Hip-pop, Jazz and Funk through learning K-POP. It also helps developing children's sense of rhythm, body coordination..... 4-7 歲

Parkland Music Institution 柏茵音樂院

柏茵音樂有限公司(Parkland Music Limited)成立於2001年,創立以來一向致力推廣音樂活動,誠意地嘗試把音樂普及到社會各個層面,讓不同背境的朋友都能隨.....



    結他結構及姿勢介紹 左右手配合,手指靈活及耐力訓練 指法認識、音階訓練及以不同的伴奏形式練習 多種指法、掃法技巧及彈奏要訣 自彈自唱 教授過百首中、港、台、日、韓及西方流行經典歌曲 樂理知識、閱譜訓練 分..... 3-15 歲


    ukulele結構及姿勢介紹 左右手配合,手指靈活及耐力訓練 指法認識、音階訓練及以不同的伴奏形式練習 多種指法、掃法技巧及彈奏要訣 自彈自唱 教授過百首中、港、台、日、韓及西方流行經典歌曲 樂理知識、閱譜訓練 分..... 3-15 歲


    流行鼓結構及姿勢介紹 手部、腳部靈活及耐力訓練 學習過百種節拍技巧 多種複雜拍子認識 教授過百首中、港、台、日、韓及西方流行經典歌曲 認識及學習世界著名鼓手及經典樂隊的演奏技巧 深入研究藍調、搖滾、爵士以..... 3-15 歲


    鋼琴結構及姿勢介紹 左右手配合,手指靈活及耐力訓練 指法認識、音階訓練及以不同的伴奏形式練習 多種指法、和弦理論及和弦的彈奏要訣 教授過百首中、港、台、日、韓及西方流行經典歌曲 配合多位鋼琴大師的句子或..... 3-15 歲


    提琴結構及姿勢介紹 如何選擇合適的提琴 左右手配合、手指靈活及耐力訓練 學習全、中和上半弓技法 音色及音準訓練 指法/持弓認識、音階訓練及以不同的伴奏形式練習 多種指法、和弦理論及和弦的要訣 配合多位提琴大..... 3-15 歲

    大提琴 低音大提琴課程

    提琴結構及姿勢介紹 如何選擇合適的提琴 左右手配合、手指靈活及耐力訓練 學習全、中和上半弓技法 音色及音準訓練 指法/持弓認識、音階訓練及以不同的伴奏形式練習 多種指法、和弦理論及和弦的要訣 配合多位提琴大..... 3-15 歲