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Arts Plus

Arts Plus was founded in 2000, aims to provide pre-school education to infants and toddlers as well as kindergarten, and professional visual arts, performing and language arts education to children of.....


    Bee Bee Kids Playgroup

    Our playgroup programs are broken down into 3 age groups, Infant, Toddler and Tot. In each class, your child will participate in exploratory play, sensory play, musical play, language play and movement activities in preschool environment. Our new purpose-built facilities support and stimulate childr..... 1-3 歲

    My Art World

    An arts & craft program for children. With close supervision from experienced teachers, theme-based projects with a wide range of materials to be used to enhance their skills, artistic ability and interest towards arts. ..... 3-12 歲


    To cultivate in the interest of dancing and to discover grace through movement and rhythmic training. Students from the age of 6 who have obtained the required standard may enter the Royal Academy of Dancing examination ..... 2-11 歲

    Interview Preparation

    This program targets to prepare your child for primary one interview with success and serve as a foundation for future challenges. After completion of this course, your child’s language expression ability and analytical skills, quick reaction and manners will substantially improve. A mock intervie..... 4-5 歲


    Go is a game of intricate strategy that can aid a child’s ability to concentrate, apply Logical thought, remain calm during crisis, and learn new and innovative ways to solve problems quickly and intelligently. It’s also a way for children to embrace cultural identity. ..... 4-6 歲

    DramaKids – Trinity Young Performer’s Certificate (YPC)

    The YPC encourages performance skills to create stories, roles and situations through imaginative movement, music and voice. The YPC is an internationally recognized certificate recording a candidate’s personal achievement. It measures your child’s progress against and internationally applied..... 3-6 歲

Find Arts Studio



    Introducing Arts (12 – 18 months old)

    At the age of one, it is the best time to train babies’ coordination use with their hands, eyes and brain; as well as having them get used to colors and shapes. During the lessons, we would demonstrate various visual elements through daily life themes by our own designed illustration book, we esp..... 1-2 歲

    Experiencing Arts (18 – 24 months old)

    During their 18 months age, the baby starts to develop a strong use of their eye sights, hearing sense and sense of touch. The precise use of eye sights lets the baby learn daily objects from detailed shapes and patterns. Our course focuses on the use of different types of paintings to strengthen t..... 1-2 歲

    Enlighten Arts (24-36months old)

    At the age of two, babies’ thoughts start to develop, they start to have a rather strong sense of self-consciousness, and their brains would be filled with ideas, opinions and creations. The babies would constantly discover and experiment to develop their own mode of thinking ..... 2-3 歲

    Performance Arts (Age 3)

    When the children first entre kindergarten, they will be exposed to a lot of new things. The new environment has always urged them to think systematically. Being experienced art teachers, we believed that the mental and physical growth of the children are equally important. Through this program, chi..... 3-5 歲

    Documentary Arts (Age 4)

    After the exploration period, it’s time to help the children to establish logical thinking. Through engaging in contemporary visual art, children will be encouraged to observe more details of their daily life, we would encourage them to think in different angels and express their feeling through a..... 3-5 歲

    Pure Arts (Age 5)

    At the age of five, the children would have got a basic touch of the surrounding environment around them, they are capable to express themselves. Our program will let them experience different art forms, materials and media. They will be able to master different techniques, design the composition of..... 3-5 歲

YMCA of Hong Kong 香港基督教青年會

香港基督教青年會以其悠久歷史及豐富經驗, 提供各種服務, 滿足社會人士在社會、教育、康體及靈性的需要。YMCA of Hong Kong is a Christian association with long .....


    親子游泳班 AQUA-TO

    課程旨在提供機會給家長與小孩一同分享學習水中活動的樂趣,從而增進嬰兒四肢發展。註: 須由一位家長 / 監護人陪同小孩上堂。 This programme aims at providing an opportunity for parents to share the joy of learning swimming with their child; and to en..... 1-2 歲


    此課程分為五個級別,專為學前兒童培養良好的游泳基礎。註: 成績單將於課程期末時派發給學生。監護人須陪同學童進出更衣室。 This course will be divided into five levels; in which to build a good foundation of swimming for pre-schoolers progressively..... 3-5 歲


    本課程旨在為學前兒童游泳班第一級至第三級之學員提供較低師生比例(1:4)的課堂,從而提升學員於課堂之專注力及增強與教練之間的互動。 Provided course with the class in lower ratio (1:4) was specially designed for students in Progressive Swimmi..... 3-5 歲


    此課程專為兒童及青少年而設計一套完善的習泳計劃。一共分為十一個不同的等級,讓學生循序漸進學習四種泳式。註: 成績單將於課程期末時派發給學生。 The Progressive Swim Scheme moves participants successively through 11 levels of instruction..... 5-15 歲


    綜合游泳訓練班是為有興趣作持續訓練的學員而設。註: 參加者必需進行水試方可加入。本會將根據泳術測試之表現分配學員適合參與之組別。而學員的組別調配 及升級主要視乎個別學員的進度及狀態發揮而定。 Comprehensive Swim..... 3-15 歲

    鯊魚泳班 SHARK

    鯊魚泳班是港青游泳學院於2008年第一季成立,是為完成了精英班而又有興趣作持續訓練的學員而設。一經接納為鯊魚班學員,可於一年內由固定的教練教授及 於固定的時間上課,但學費則仍以季度形式繳交(其他習泳班則維持..... 6-17 歲

Aristle Group International 雅士圖國際教育

Aristle Group International is the only GIFTED education organisation founded and managed by GIFTED personnel. [Little Aristle: 6m to 6 yrs] [ARISTLE Gifted Institute: 7yrs to 15yrs] Gifted Ed, EQ and.....



    我們的自然探索智能培訓課程旨在激發和培養孩子的自然探索智能。自然探索智能意指分辨、觀察、了解和適應環境的能力,當中包括對於社會的探索和自然的探索兩個方面的探索智能。 ..... 6-16 歲


    我們的創意思維培訓課程旨在培養我們的學生成為富創造力的思想家和發明家。創意思維強的人能跳出固有的框框去思考,並敢於以創新的方法去解決問題。 ..... 6-15 歲

    Aristle PRESTIGE 私人授課

    Aristle PRESTIGE是一個深受家長歡迎的課程。以私人授課形式進行,更有效為個別同學,自組小班及帶同朋友們一同上課。Aristle PRESTIGE將會為個別同學或小組設計課程內容,令課程於時間及內容上更具彈性。 語言選擇:英文、西..... 2-15 歲

Learning Plus Language Centre

我們旨在提供優質的語文教育,培養學童對學習英語的興趣,激發他們主動學習。 並提供全人教育,培養學童一套正確的人生觀,啟發個人潛能,繼而.....



    本校採用美國的 Zoo-phonics 課程,以動物為主題的拼音教材,配合 Total Physical Response(TPR)教學法,鼓勵小朋友利用眼睛、耳朵、口及身體其他部分來學習,幫助孩子 將字形與字音鎖定在長期記憶裡,增強他們對字母與字音的認..... 3-6 歲


    教授幼兒最佳的方法是採用「融入式」教學法,如聆聽歌謠、說故事、玩遊戲等,並以日 常生活作主題,將英語融入生活。 ..... 4-6 歲


    諾貝爾獎得主 Dr. Roger Sperry 指出,由於幼兒未懂得利用左腦,故未能將從外界接收的事 物轉化為語言,並作處理及思考;相反,他們的右腦發展較發達,因此幼兒的特性是善於 透過圖形、顏色、聲音、創作、影像、動作等去..... 5-6 歲


    學習一種語言,必先要好好掌握其文法。現今小學生英語水平欠佳,與其文法基礎薄弱有莫 大的關係。此課程著重教授學生英文文法的基本法則及應用技巧,有效提升學生的英文文法 水平。課程已開辦十多年,本校導師及課..... 6-13 歲


    香港學生在英文寫作方面普遍存在內容空泛、文法不通、詞彙不足和文章結構不嚴謹等問 題;而且經常犯下中文式英文(Chinglish)的謬誤,導致辭不達意。此課程以教育局最新頒布 的指引為藍本,針對中小學常犯的問題而編寫,..... 6-13 歲


    由於英文中學及直資中學學位求過於供,面試表現已成為學校甄選學生的首要參考因素。為 確保子女能夠入讀心儀的名校,家長們皆各出奇謀爭奪名校學位,本校開辦此課程以來,口 碑載道,獲傳媒廣泛報導,實屬小六學生..... 12-13 歲

Eye Level

An Eye Level education starts with seeing things from student's eye level. Eye Level is based on an educational principle where students learn at their own pace. When a teacher understands the learnin.....


    Eye Level Math

    Eye Level Math helps improve problem-solving skills by enabling them to master concepts through a small step approach. Eye Level Math uses a systematic curriculum which included Basic Thinking Math and Critical Math. Basic Thinking Math enables students to complete the foundation of mathematics a..... 4-13 歲

    English Sparks

    Eye Level English Sparks focuses on situational vocabulary and common syntax patterns to give children the fundamental skills to further their English language skills...... 5-10 歲

    Eye Level Play Math

    Eye Level Play Math is a specially designed program that introduces mathematical concepts through experiential learning. ..... 3-4 歲

    Eye Level English

    Eye Level English is based on U.S. Department of Education curriculum standards for English Language Arts. The goal of Eye Level English is to help students master English systemically through enhancing the target language use. For these purpose, Eye Level English is designed, based on language ski..... 4-13 歲

    Eye Level Happy Talk

    The English Program Happy Talk is a situational English program that keeps students entertained with various visuals and activities. Instructor’s feedback provided through both online and offline allows students to achieve balance among the four key English skills...... 5-10 歲

    Eye Level Active Writers 英語寫作班

    一個有系統的英語寫作課程,課程著重教授寫作技巧及常用文句,運用思維導圖訓練令學生能自由發揮創意,大大增加學生對寫作的興趣!..... 5-12 歲

Intelligent Kids Learning Centre 滙思兒童學習中心

Intelligent Kids Learning Centre 滙思兒童學習中心 .....


    智能語言 – 英語課程

    通識主提,內容具趣味性,培訓兒童不同英語基本技巧,聽、講、讀、寫、串字等,全面提升兒童英語技能及通識詞彙 ..... 3-8 歲


    由具多年普通話朗誦技巧培訓及朗誦比賽經驗的楊老師親自主教。所培訓的技巧已足令兒童應付不同類型的大小普通話朗誦比賽,配以比賽特訓班的重點培訓,使學生能於比賽中獲更佳績。 ..... 3-8 歲

    智能語言 -普通話課程

    以廣泛的國際知識為本,比起一般普通話課程教授更多的通識詞彙。「加強編」著眼於加強整體的技巧培訓,包括聆聽、理解、 拼音、發音、語調、語法等方面。 ..... 3-8 歲

    智能語言 -普通話課程

    以廣泛的國際知識為本,比起一般普通話課程教授更多的通識詞彙。「加強編」著眼於加強整體的技巧培訓,包括聆聽、理解、 拼音、發音、語調、語法等方面。 ..... 3-8 歲


    提升學生的普通話能力及水平,讓學生在學習普通話的過程中,通過 GAPSK 考試,真實地反映他們的普通話聽、說、讀、寫各方面能力,讓學生瞭解自身的強處與弱項,為日後的提升確立明確方向及目標。 ..... 3-12 歲


    The World's Most Advanced Phonics Reading Program. From the USA, now introduced to Hong Kong ..... 3-8 歲


Little mind big construction .....


    Lego Program – TOT Creator

    Lego provides an unique building system that encourages children to give form, or expression to their wildest ideas in the most rigorous ways. ..... 1-3 歲

    Lego Program – Creative Construction

    Lego provides an unique building system that encourages children to give form, or expression to their wildest ideas in the most rigorous ways. ..... 3-4 歲

    Lego Program – Building & Structure

    Lego provides an unique building system that encourages children to give form, or expression to their wildest ideas in the most rigorous ways. ..... 4-6 歲

    Lego Program – Mechanism in Motion

    Lego provides an unique building system that encourages children to give form, or expression to their wildest ideas in the most rigorous ways. ..... 6-8 歲

    Lego Program – Robotics Adventure

    Lego provides an unique building system that encourages children to give form, or expression to their wildest ideas in the most rigorous ways. ..... 8-13 歲

    Lego Program – Scatch Program

    Lego provides an unique building system that encourages children to give form, or expression to their wildest ideas in the most rigorous ways. ..... 6-13 歲

The Little Gym of Hong Kong

With more than 300 locations , The Little Gym is the world’s premiere enrichment and physical development center for kids 4 months through 12 years. .....


    Parent Child Classes

    From infant to toddler, The Little Gym of Hong Kong's Parent and Child classes promote early development and provide a strong foundation for your childʼs critical first three years. Weekly Harbour City, Tsim Sha Tsui classes will help your child achieve new milestones and prepare for more advanced ..... 1-3 歲

    Gymnastics 3 – 6 years

    Practically overnight, your little one changes from an unsteady toddler into a rambunctious child. At The Little Gym of Hong Kong, our gymnastics program for preschoolers and kindergarteners has been specially designed to help your child channel all that energy and reach developmental milestones. In..... 3-6 歲

    Gymnastics 6 to 12 years

    Kids of this age are still growing like crazy, but now each is developing at a unique pace. Thatʼs why The Little Gym of Hong Kong's gymnastics program for grade school boys and girls is a little different than that of our younger members. Classes have been segmented to allow for gender-specific di..... 6-12 歲

    Sports Skills

    Whether your child grows up to become an active team player, a weekend athlete or an enthusiastic fan, The Little Gym of Hong Kong Sports Skills Development classes pave the way for a lifetime of positive sports experiences by offering a solid grounding in the expertise, rules and strategies of team..... 2-6 歲


    For living room leapers, bedroom ballerinas, and front yard frolickers, The Little Gym offers the perfect program to harness all that toe-tapping energy. The Little Gym of Hong Kong Dance program introduces children to ballet, tap, and hip-hop techniques, while allowing them to express themselves th..... 4-12 歲


    The most important self-defense technique is self-confidence—and thatʼs exactly what your child will gain through The Little Gym of Hong Kong Karate Classes for kids. Harbour City, Tsim Sha Tsui students learn fundamental karate blocks, punches and kicks in a positive, noncompetitive environment,..... 4-12 歲

Bomber Gym By Wunique 榮拳館

WUnique由香港首位世界級拳王—向柏榮創辦,成立的宗旨,是推廣泰拳運動,讓男女老幼都能透過泰拳,鍛煉身體、磨練意志、塑造完美的體型。 Bomber G.....


    泰拳 – 小童班

    課程難度:* || 時下小朋友常常打機又上網、缺乏運動,而日常生活又缺乏自理能力。想幫助他們鍛練身心,增進彼此感情?參加榮拳館小童班最適合不過!我們精心設計的課程內容既有趣又具挑戰性,不但能改善小朋友的..... 7-13 歲

CPDA 嬰幼兒心理發展協會




    在嬰兒出生後的首十二個月,會與其照顧者發展出一個無憂的、親密的連繫,從而使嬰兒發展出信任及安全感。此外,嬰兒亦會透過感知動作以助其認知發展,他們的腦部、大小肌肉、身體協調能力等,都會以高速成長,家長宜..... 1-2 歲


    在面試的過程中,寶寶需要在短短的15至20分鐘內回應老師的不同要求,除了認知問題外,孩子的行為、禮儀及社交表現都是成功的要素,而家長的反應及對提問之應對技巧亦十分重要。面試班將一一為家長剖析各個環節的應對..... 1-3 歲


    幼兒學前適應課程,以循序漸進的方法、有系統的活動及安排,讓小孩子能在父母的帶領下,預早適應學校生活、喜愛學校生活! ..... 2-3 歲


    孩子做事只有一分鐘熱度?孩子無時停,難以安靜的坐下看書、吃飯?專注力提升Playgroup,透過由專業心理學及幼兒教育團隊設計的遊戲及活動,策略性地提升孩子的專注力,並教導父母應如何面對「心散」行為,讓寶寶快樂地..... 3-6 歲

    Pre-Nursery 幼兒學前預備課程

    幼兒完成學前預備課程後,對獨立上課已有一定的適應。幼兒學前課程則進一步模擬幼稚園上課流程,幼兒需獨 立上課,使幼兒能習慣上課及集體活動模式,更有效過度到幼稚園學習生活。學前班師生比例1對4,能更全面 照顧..... 2-4 歲

Faith Dance Studio 飛舞間

以事奉的心,致力推動舞蹈事工,舞蹈教育及舞台表演工作,以舞蹈發放正能量, 帶出生命美好的信息。飛舞間透過開辦潮流文化的街頭舞蹈班,接觸年.....


JEI Learning Centre

Our mission is to support, facilitate, and help children by providing a high quality supplementary education so that all children can achieve academic success - key to a better life. .....


    JEI Maths

    JEI Maths offers a complete program for grades Pre-K to 9 and encourages conceptual understanding. Each level of the JEI Maths program is designed with specific study objectives and provides a step-by-step approach which makes learning easy for everyone. JEI Maths curriculum is aligned with the N..... 2-9 歲

    JEI English

    JEI English provides an easy to grasp program for grades K to 9. The program progresses in small steps and makes learning engaging and effective. The workbooks are designed to provide a strong foundation in grammar, vocabulary, and reading skills. The study program is created for each student thr..... 2-9 歲

    Reading & Writing

    JEI Reading & Writing is a literature-based, enrichment program that helps students strengthen reading comprehension and writing skills. The program features fiction and nonfiction as well as other genres of literature. Students in grades 2 to 7 who possess basic language arts skills and are inte..... 4-7 歲

Kids Castle 文字城堡

文字城堡教育機構由一群註冊教師創立,導師擁有多年幼兒教學經驗。 課堂採用單對單教學模式,讓小朋友輕鬆而有趣地學習。 文字城堡致力發展右.....



    採用單對單教學模式, 透過圖像, 聲音及故事等記億元素作為教學籃本, 配合有趣及輕鬆的記憶方法, 致力放發兒童右腼潛能 ..... 3-8 歲

Tom Lee Music Academy 通利音樂藝術中心



    Tommy Bee BB班

    通利音樂藝術中心的Tommy Bee BB班是專為六個月嬰兒而設的親子班。課堂非常注重親子按摩,除了能激發小孩的感官發展,還能增進親子關係。其他內容還包括故事時間及聲音探索等,讓小朋友認識對外世界不同的聲音,激發他們..... 1-1 歲

    Tommy Bee 精「嬰」班

    此課堂融合了音樂、故事及遊戲活動來激發小朋友的感官意識及敏銳力、提升他們的理解及表達能力,同時亦能訓練他們的大小肌肉,讓幼兒能在輕鬆愉快的心情下學習,心智及體能都得到均衡的發展。 ..... 1-2 歲

    Tommy Bee「優」兒班

    此課程是專為1.5 – 2歲的小朋友而設,讓小朋友接觸以互動方式所帶來的樂趣之餘,家長亦可藉著一起學習音樂來增進親子關係。幼兒音樂課程採用生動有趣的教學方法,透過使用敲擊樂器、故事、唱遊、群體舞蹈及不同類型音..... 1-2 歲

    Yamaha 精靈紅蘋果

    此Yamaha課程集中教導小朋友從不同的音樂活動中學習「聆聽」音樂,當中包括透過聽、唱、律動及音樂遊戲,配合精心設計的故事畫冊,引起小朋友對音樂的興趣及啟發他們的想像力。 ..... 2-3 歲


    讓幼兒自小接觸音樂及感受其樂趣。三歲的幼兒無論在體力、智力及情緒等方面均發展迅速,音樂小天地課程為小朋友提供一個輕鬆愉快的學習環境,讓他們與父母、老師和同學一起學習唱歌、聆聽音樂、節奏訓練、音樂欣賞及..... 3-4 歲


    Yamaha兒童創意音樂班為Yamaha兒童音樂課程之根基。為期2年的課程主要訓練兒童聽覺能力,分辨不同音符及音色。兒童透過聆聽、歌唱及鍵盤彈奏來學習音樂三大要點,包括節拍、旋律及和聲。課程尤其著重發掘兒童 的想像力及..... 4-5 歲

Little Trout Music amd Creative Arts Centre 小鱒魚音樂及創意藝術中心

「小鱒魚音樂及創意藝術中心」由「小鱒魚兒童合唱團」 的主要團隊組成,懷著以五育為宗旨、推動兒童音樂及藝術教育為目標的熱誠和理想共同籌劃.....



    通過音樂藝術教育,培養合作精神、處事態度及良好品德,提高語文能力,使孩子得到全面發展。 ..... 3-7 歲


    課程著重導師和學員互動,共同創作劇本藍圖,啟發思考力、想像力和創造力。 配合有趣而適齡之戲劇遊戲,提升學員的表達能力和合作精神。透過戲劇、唱歌和舞蹈,讓學員面對個人弱點,主動克服及解決困難。 ..... 5-16 歲

    Kindermusik with Elly

    Kindermusik with Elly brings the magical power of music to you and your children’s lives. With proven methodology combining music and childhood development research, this fun and dynamic program contributes to your children’s whole development in the first critical years which awakens children..... 1-3 歲


    西非鼓樂歷史久遠,由13世紀至今,有別於其他樂器,並充滿獨特的象徵意義。而非洲鼓Djembe是一種容易學習的樂器,孩子容易便可掌握當中的技巧,從而増加興趣和成功感,並可加強他們的手眼協調能力。 ..... 4-6 歲


    課程根據英國皇家音樂學院五級樂理考試範圍編製,內容包括拍子、音階、音程、調性、轉調、和弦、終止式和弦、旋律創作、音樂術語及模擬試題等。 ..... 10-16 歲


    美術不只是繪畫勞作,創意藝術更可以立體的方式展現在生活當中!導師將會帶領學員以新穎的創作方式,並輔以有關技巧完成創意藝術「手作仔」。 ..... 4-6 歲

Parsons Music Centre 柏斯音樂藝術中心



    Kawai Music School 幼兒音樂律動課程 (1歲 – 3歲)

    "KAWAI Music School 於1956年創立,以""在學習音樂的過程中,啟發各種潛能,並透過音樂豐富人格魅力""為目的,為各個不同年齡層的學生開辦多個啟發性的藝術教育課程。50年來在日本設立 5,700 所音樂學校,並已培養了超過 270,000 ..... 1-3 歲

    小小莫札特音樂教室 (2歲半 – 4歲)

    由全球最大的美國音樂教育出版社 “Alfred Music Publishing” 編製的”小小莫札特音樂教室”教材,多年來深受各地歡迎,為音樂導師及家長廣泛採用。現時小小莫札特音樂教室的課程遍及美國、加拿大、澳洲、新西蘭、新加坡、..... 2-4 歲

    兒童鋼琴班 , 親親童樂鋼琴班 (3歲半 – 4歲半)

    本課程是一個學習鋼琴的基礎課程,以活潑生動的教學法,讓學童一同學習音樂及彈奏鋼琴的技巧。此課程是以班制形式上課,不但能訓練學童適應群體生活,更能從中建立個人自信。此外,透過全面的音樂訓練,可培養小朋友..... 3-5 歲

    小海頓弦樂教室 (3歲半 – 5歲)

    以著名的鈴木教學法啟門,讓學員掌握小提琴演奏的正確姿勢,培養內心聽覺的音準能力、基本演唱旋律的感力、視譜能力、樂理知識及基本技巧訓練;並會教導多首世界名曲的演奏技巧,從而讓他們領會每首樂曲中的內容。 ..... 3-5 歲

Smart Circle Education

幼兒教育專家, 具多年教育經驗, 專營幼稚園面試班, 幫助幼兒熟習面試模式並令幼兒愛上這個"面試遊戲", 讓幼兒於真正的面試環境也能以玩遊戲的心態.....



    透過集體遊戲及活動,讓幼兒學習群體的生活及與人相處的應有禮貎 ~透過互動的上課形式,讓小朋友更有自信面對陌生人及陌生的環境,把自己的潛能完全發揮出來 ~透過不同的主題遊戲,增加幼兒認知能力及生活常識 ~大小..... 1-2 歲


    透過不同的主題學習課題,增加幼兒認知能力及範疇 2.透過遊戲活動學習生活常識 3.常規訓練以提升幼兒理解及執行指示能力,提高服從性 4.學習面試時應有的禮儀 5.透過多元化的面試模式訓練(包括:個人面試、小組面試..... 2-3 歲

Shichida Hong Kong 七田真香港

By combining the power of the left brain, the Shichida Method aims to draw out the abilities of your child in a balanced manner which we call a "whole brain education". Abilities such as "inspiration".....


    6 – 12 months

    In our infant class, parents and babies are given the chance to experience a new world inside the classroom for the first time. We focus on the bond between parent and child, forming a sense of "oneness", and easing our newest students into the learning environment. ..... 1-1 歲

    1 – 2 years old

    Students in this age group are introduced to eidetic memory and Linking Method training. Our eidetic memory training is designed to help children develop their photographic memory ability. Students are shown an image for a few seconds before they recreate the same image. For the Liking Method studen..... 1-2 歲

    2 – 3 years old

    Our eidetic memory training to develop photographic memory becomes more advanced in this age group. The activity slowly moves away from images comprised of distinct and vivid colours to different and fun objects and shapes. The Linking Method training increases in complexity as the number of cards i..... 2-3 歲

    3 – 4 years old

    In this age group, students are becoming very aware of their own developing personality, their interests and the world around them. We develop this natural curiosity and individuality with carefully tailored activities to enhance creativity, vocabulary and memory. ..... 3-4 歲

    4 – 6 years old

    Growing more curious about the world around them, students will go on to image abstract ideas such as settings goals and imagining the success of reaching them. Further developing their photographic memory capabilities, they will move away from seeing images and progress towards letters, numbers, an..... 4-6 歲

Win Tin Swimming Club 泳天游泳會

泳天游泳會乃香港業餘游泳總會屬會之一,自1989年創辦以來一直積極推動游泳運動。 在各教練努力下,本會自2004年起連續六個年度,獲香港業餘游泳.....



    清楚教練的指示(防止危險動作) 能在水中呼氣持板及完成5米自由泳打腿 2. 水中呼氣(吹氣泡) 3. 在水中學習前進的感覺 4. 持浮板作自由泳打腿及手部動作..... 2-3 歲


    1. 克服懼水心理 掌握基本呼吸方法 漂浮打腿 基本手腿動作及呼吸方法 能游畢5米自由泳 2. 認識泳池環境、安全知識及游泳動作詞彙 3. 基本腿部動作及水中呼氣 4. 配合腿部動作與換氣 (直手扶池邊) 5. 漂浮踢腿及基本手部動作..... 3-4 歲


    1. 自由泳手腿動作與呼吸配合(持板) 能游畢12.5米自由泳 掌握基本背泳打腿 2. 自由泳手腿動作與呼吸配合(不持板) 3. 背泳基本腿部動作..... 3-10 歲


    1. 自由泳及背泳 能游畢25米自由泳 能游畢12.5米背泳 持浮板25米自由泳打腿計時測試 2. 自由泳基本起跳動作 3. 背泳基本手部動作 4. 背泳基本手腿動作配合..... 5-13 歲

The Rink

The Rink will offer skaters an experience like none other in Hong Kong. We are the first ice skating rink to integrate the 'pay as you skate' concept using the automated Octopus system. Our 'Open R.....


    30 分鍾花式溜冰課程

    30 分鍾花式溜冰課程 [一堂即時團體班 (1 堂 x 30 分鐘) HK$ 170 HK$ 170 1 對 3 - 6 學生 一堂即時半私人班 (1 堂 x 30 分鐘) HK$ 220 HK$ 280 1 對 2 學生 一堂即時私人班 (1 堂 x 30 分鐘) HK$ 280 HK$ 340 1 對 1 學生 五堂團體班 (5 堂 x 30 分鐘) HK$ 65..... 4-14 歲


Sport4Kids run classes across Hong Kong for 18 month olds to 16 years old. We offer one of the widest range of sports, including rugby, soccer swimming, gymnastics, basketball, mini-sports and a varie.....



    This multi-sport program gives young children the opportunity to learn a variety of skills while playing many different sports. Children will participate in soccer, basketball, rugby, hockey, tennis, all the time developing their coordination and gross motor skills...... 2-5 歲


    Swimming is a very popular activity and an essential life skill, for all children. Sport4Kids have designed a swimming program which encourages learning in a progressive, safe and educational environment. Sport4Kids’ swimming program is based around the FUNdamental skills of swimming, teaching ..... 3-8 歲

Little Kickers Hong Kong

Little Kickers Hong Kong is Hong Kong owned and operated. Using ground-breaking techniques devised in the UK in 2002, Little Kickers has been a global success story...and has now arrived in Asia to b.....


    Little Kicks®

    Setting off at a light trot, the most pressing priority here is something we refer to as ‘learning to learn.’ Simple problem-solving activities provide the perfect informal framework for encouraging our potential Football Stars to advance their basic attention building and listening skills. ..... 1-2 歲

    Junior Kickers

    From light trot to gentle canter our budding ball maestros are now at a point where they will be encouraged to participate in structured games and imaginative free-play, adding yet another dimension to their already flourishing footwork. In other words, basic ball mastery is harnessed via multi-d..... 2-3 歲

    Mighty Kickers

    With more basic options now at their disposal our next task is to couple your child’s blossoming physical and social confidence with a greater grasp of how to read the beautiful game. Shielding, first touch play and defensive positioning are all classic examples of simple skills that over time wil..... 3-5 歲

    Mega Kickers

    There’s no need to leave at 5! Mega Kickers was developed in response to popular demand – many children who attend Little Kickers classes want to continue to build their skills – both physical and social - once they have turned 5. The Mega Kickers philosophy is divided into 3 core areas to e..... 5-7 歲

Bambino Montessori Home 寶貝蒙特梭利之家

寶貝蒙特梭利之家敬佩瑪利亞. 蒙特梭利博士(Dr Maria Montessori) 終身以真誠的心、以謙虛的態度, 客觀地觀察及了解孩子們的發展及其個人獨有之奧秘。她.....


    Toddler Preparation Programme (14 to 17 months)

    We are pleased to invite parents and your little ones to visit our Centre before commencing the first session. We are going to give you a brief introduction of each area of your child’s classroom, the activities laid on the shelves followed by an explanation of the schedule of the day, such as, wo..... 1-2 歲

    Toddler Programme (18 to 36 months)

    We are pleased to invite parents and your little ones to visit our Centre before commencing the first session. We are going to give you a brief introduction of each area of your child’s classroom, the activities laid on the shelves followed by an explanation of the schedule of the day, such as, wo..... 1-3 歲

Beacon Childhood Education Centre 遵理兒童教育




    針對各幼稚園近年之面試和考核內容,為小朋友作重點培訓 S 班:國際英文幼稚園(St. Catherine’s)、學之園、寶山幼稚園、劍鳴幼稚園 M 班:德望幼稚園、根德園、聖公會幼稚園、聖保羅堂幼稚園 A 班:聖保祿幼稚園、天主教聖..... 2-3 歲


    針對香港升小面試,高效教授面試禮儀、 面試技巧基礎、面試聽說/看圖故事能力、 個人面試口語表達能力、英語面試應對、 思維邏輯、小組活動突圍法、處境應對、 逆境處理等升小面試必備之技巧。..... 4-5 歲

City Opera 都會歌劇院




    兒童合唱團 —— 我們着重培訓團員有正確聲樂訓練;例如唱歌時的正確呼吸方法,發聲共鳴位置,吐字與感情表達,不但只是唱;在演戲方面也使團員體驗到如何活演角色,用趣味性引發團員投入音樂世界。..... 4-15 歲

Mandarin Alliance 東方漢語培訓

"用愛教學"----這是東方漢語所有老師的教學理念!   "愛"是東方的主題,"教"是東方的任務。我們堅信,用愛傳遞知識,用愛傳送溫暖,用愛啓蒙大.....



    您的小朋友聽到音樂時,會自己搖頭擺尾嗎?聽到有韻律的節奏時,會跟節奏手舞足蹈嗎?如果是,快來參加我們的"唱唱跳跳普通話"課程吧,讓他(她)在音樂的海洋里暢游,在快樂自由的氛圍里學習漢語,這是我們教學方針..... 3-6 歲


    中國菜享譽世界,比如餃子,包子,麵條,餛飩等等,您會做嗎?多數香港媽媽爸爸都會吃,不會做,更別說小朋友們了,我們中國菜系里葷素搭配合理,營養豐富均衡,小朋友們會在課堂上真正動手動腦去做一餐屬於自己的中..... 3-6 歲


    科學認證,小朋友3-6歲大腦開發階段,放的知識越多,以后的記憶力越好,同時也為迎合現今幼稚園教授中文的深度,給小朋友開設認字課程。我們以圖片、故事、遊戲等形式,聲動形象的........ 3-6 歲


    不光小朋友說漢語拼音好難,就連成人都會說漢語拼音發音難,其實如果老師用對方法,學習拼音相當容易。我們有專業教授拼音的一級老師任課,用獨特的教學方法"拼音易學法",讓您的小朋友在短時間內記住23個聲母和24個韻..... 4-7 歲


    專為學生參加GAPSK、KPCC、校際比賽等而設,集中特訓小朋友朗誦詩歌的音詞字句、表情動作、陰陽頓挫、眼神交流等等重要參賽因素,在短時間內達到質的飛越,使小朋友在考場落落大方、彬彬有禮,從而得到好成績。本課程不..... 4-8 歲

Kids Art Lab

K11 Art Lab 是一個屬於孩子和家長的藝術遊樂園。在專業導師的指導下,孩子們可從K11藝術典藏或展覽作品中得到啟發,建立對當代藝術的理解並創作自.....


    K11 Kollection Lab

    對象:4至9歲的兒童 | 內容:分6個藝術單元,各3堂 | 語言:英語 | 完成每個單元可獲嘉許狀 | 學習目標: 認識視覺藝術的基本元素 – 如點線面的結構、顏色應用、空間感認知等概念 | 設有導..... 4-9 歲

海怡普通話教育中心 Haiyi Putonghua Education

始創於2001年,為香港一所歷史悠久的針對中文和普通話教學培訓機構,擁有豐富的營運及教學經驗。 專業團隊:擁有學士、碩士、博士學位及敎授。.....



    讓 K1 - K3 學齢前兒童在兒歌, 遊戲, 故事, 國學誦讀中打下普通話基礎, 掌握基礎漢字..... 3-5 歲


    緊扣本地及國際學校考試, 掌握中文基礎, 閱讀, 寫作, 文言文的得分技巧, 培養中文運用能力..... 6-13 歲

All Star Education 星河教育中心

既然沒有最強,我們只有更強! Do more than the best!.....


    English Regular Course(Rick)

    Rick於大學主修英文系,畢業後於英國約克大學(University of York)進修英國文學課程,親身體會英國文化。Rick曾於多間中小學及成人教育機構任教,故深知本港學生自小在學習英語上的困難。與Oten及楊家舜合著之《中英成語翻..... 6-12 歲

    English Regular Course(Super English Force Team)

    Super English Force為全港最受歡迎之英文教學團隊,向來教學認真、節奏明快,教學方法著重「吸收」及「思維」,以循序漸進的方式教授,修畢後不單可學到整個新高中英文課程所需的英語能力及考試技巧,更能大大提升同學們..... 6-12 歲

Birch Workshop 青樺學坊




    此課程備有一系列的模擬試題,幫助學生於正式考試前熟悉考試模式,並充滿信心考出好成績。每級考試共分為三部份,包括:閱讀與寫作(Reading and Writing)、聆聽及說話(Listening and Speaking)。透過當中生動有趣的圖畫及題目,測試..... 6-12 歲


    青樺天天練數學教材適合幼稚園至高中學生,共分為14級。幼兒教材配合活動式教學,讓學生從遊戲當中學習。教材內容幫助學生在實際解題中,養成善於思維的習慣,從而找到解題的竅門,享受解題的樂趣,不再見題卻步。教..... 4-12 歲


    英語閱讀理解及寫作班 教材內容以校內課程為主,把閱讀理解與寫作兩部分編排為一。 在閱讀中學習寫作技巧,再配合老師詳細的解說,學以致用,既可培養學生的基本能力,更有效地提升學生的閱讀與寫作技巧。 英語..... 4-12 歲

Powerbrain Rx

Cognitive brain training is a one-on-one, neuroscience based, proven and effective way to improve attention, concentration, memory and logic and reasoning......


    Brain Teaser program

    an easy and stimulating way to get to learn about the powerful changes YOU can produce by unleashing your cognitive potential...... 3-12 歲


    This is our Core Training Program where tens of thousands of students worldwide have experienced the transforming power and effectiveness of cognitive brain training...... 3-12 歲


    Exclusively for the 3-6 years-old, a perfect and fun discovery for the youngest. Our SmartKidz TakeOff program is the earliest opportunity to develop cognitive skills and gain an early head start...... 3-6 歲

Socratic Kids

Socratic Education Group specializes in the all-round development of children and teenagers, we value the unique intelligence, character, and talents of each individual, and take passion in guiding ch.....


    Language Arts

    "Word Smart" This intelligence involves the knowing which comes through language; through reading, writing, and speaking. It involves understanding the order and meaning of words in both speech and writing and how to properly use the language. "Musical Smart" This is the knowing that ha..... 1-6 歲


    "Number/Reasoning Smart" This intelligence uses numbers, math, and logic to find and understand the various patterns that occur in our lives: thought patterns, number patterns, visual patterns, color patters, and so on. “Nature Smart” The intelligence involves the full range of knowi..... 1-6 歲

    Kinesthetic Coordination

    "Body Smart" "Learning by doing." This way of learning happens through physical movement and through the knowing of physical body. They communicate well through body language and other physical gestures. "Picture Smart" This intelligence represents the knowing that occurs through the ..... 1-6 歲

Maple Tree Education Centre

At Maple Tree Education Centre, we aim to use love and passion to rekindle our students’ interest for English and to nurture the next generation of self-motivated leaders. We offer diverse courses t.....


    趣味拼音班 (3-12歲)

    趣味拼音班使用本校獨創的密集式課程,隨著拼音成為主要的教學工具,本課程將涵蓋發音、並有效地促進學生的閱讀及串字能力,從而增強他們學習英語的信心..... 3-12 歲

    牛津英語閱讀工作坊 (2-12歲)

    牛津英語閱讀工作坊 (2-12歲) 巴倫德育閱讀教學坊 (3-8歲) 小小愛恩斯坦科學家研習坊 (5-8歲) 巴倫小小探險家閱讀坊(3-8歲) 以上三個閱讀坊之課程主要集中於閱讀理解。透過學習各種實用的詞彙和語句能夠同時有效地提升學生..... 2-12 歲

    閱讀理解及強化英文文法班 (6-15歲)

    本課程旨在幫助學生通過閱讀文章去擴闊和豐富他們的詞彙。學生將學習如何運用正確的時態和完整句子去作答長題目,從而有效地改善他們的理解能力。除此之外,課程將教導學生文法的概念和用法,例如時態、介詞及連接詞..... 6-15 歲

    多元智能英語奇趣班 (2-6歲)

    幼兒階段是一個最適合的年齡去學習各種不同的新詞彙和短句。這個奇趣班生動有趣,可以讓你的孩子建立自信和自發性以及溝通技巧。手工藝和音樂等環節更能訓練小肌肉發展和提升樂感。..... 2-6 歲