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Sprout Academy 啟青學坊



    Christ Church Kindergarten (CCKG) Interview Workshop

    Our special interview workshops provide an excellent opportunity for children and parents to prepare for the important interviews coming up. Our experienced native English teachers and ex-kindergarten teachers design the course materials based on previous experience, and mock interviews will be pro..... 3-4 歲


    本課程著重教授小朋友小一面試的技巧,根據過往小學面試的形式和內容,教導小朋友面試的禮儀及態度,內容包括各類形式的面試程序、問題形式、處境問題、圖片問題、分析及常識認知能力等等。課程更安排模擬面試、試後..... 4-5 歲

    Cambridge YLE Tests Preparation Course

    Based on the Cambridge YLE tests syllabus, our Pre-Starters, Starters, Movers and Flyers courses develop your little ones with both listening, speaking, reading and writing skills. ..... 3-13 歲

    Drama & Speech (Trinity Guildhall Graded Examinations)

    Our Drama & Speech Graded Examinations class focuses on building the confidence in speech and expression of thoughts and ideas. Students will perform from memory a story and a poem at the examination. ..... 4-5 歲

    Speech & Drama (Trinity Guildhall YPC)

    Our Speech & Drama class focuses on building the confidence in speech and expression of thoughts and ideas. Classes are conducted in form of team-building activities wherein our students discuss topics following by group performance that takes the form of enactment of story, nursery rhyme, poem, my..... 3-5 歲

    Communication Skills (Trinity GESE)

    Based on the Trinity Guildhall syllabus, this course develops your little ones with both listening and speaking skills necessary for effective English language communication. ..... 3-13 歲

Dramatic English Education Centres 戲劇英語教育中心




    外籍戲劇教師執教,通過英語音樂劇和話劇的訓練,學員的英語能有飛躍式的進步。戲劇更可以幫助學員建 立自信,提升創意,掌握溝通技巧,和加強團隊合作的精神,為學員成為明日的領袖打好基礎。 6至8歲的學員可加入..... 6-16 歲


    音樂劇、戲劇小歷險及幼兒戲劇小歷險三個課程,適合由2.5歲到6歲的小學員。在觀眾面前表演是課程的重要部分,但我們會將演出的要求分成每年三次,每次幾分鐘的小型班內演出。課程透過獨特和專業設計的英語戲劇活動和..... 2-6 歲


    學前預備班 和 英語親子班 都是由經驗豐富,又有愛心的外籍教師執教。 課程由一班對幼兒教育有熱誠的教師和媽媽,參照多元智能學說編寫 ..... 1-3 歲

YMCA of Hong Kong 香港基督教青年會

香港基督教青年會以其悠久歷史及豐富經驗, 提供各種服務, 滿足社會人士在社會、教育、康體及靈性的需要。YMCA of Hong Kong is a Christian association with long .....


    親子游泳班 AQUA-TO

    課程旨在提供機會給家長與小孩一同分享學習水中活動的樂趣,從而增進嬰兒四肢發展。註: 須由一位家長 / 監護人陪同小孩上堂。 This programme aims at providing an opportunity for parents to share the joy of learning swimming with their child; and to en..... 1-2 歲


    此課程分為五個級別,專為學前兒童培養良好的游泳基礎。註: 成績單將於課程期末時派發給學生。監護人須陪同學童進出更衣室。 This course will be divided into five levels; in which to build a good foundation of swimming for pre-schoolers progressively..... 3-5 歲


    本課程旨在為學前兒童游泳班第一級至第三級之學員提供較低師生比例(1:4)的課堂,從而提升學員於課堂之專注力及增強與教練之間的互動。 Provided course with the class in lower ratio (1:4) was specially designed for students in Progressive Swimmi..... 3-5 歲


    此課程專為兒童及青少年而設計一套完善的習泳計劃。一共分為十一個不同的等級,讓學生循序漸進學習四種泳式。註: 成績單將於課程期末時派發給學生。 The Progressive Swim Scheme moves participants successively through 11 levels of instruction..... 5-15 歲


    綜合游泳訓練班是為有興趣作持續訓練的學員而設。註: 參加者必需進行水試方可加入。本會將根據泳術測試之表現分配學員適合參與之組別。而學員的組別調配 及升級主要視乎個別學員的進度及狀態發揮而定。 Comprehensive Swim..... 3-15 歲

    鯊魚泳班 SHARK

    鯊魚泳班是港青游泳學院於2008年第一季成立,是為完成了精英班而又有興趣作持續訓練的學員而設。一經接納為鯊魚班學員,可於一年內由固定的教練教授及 於固定的時間上課,但學費則仍以季度形式繳交(其他習泳班則維持..... 6-17 歲

What Cheer Studio

Tenniel Tsang, educated at the Rhode Island School of Design where received his B.A. of Fine Arts in 1994, B.A. of Interior Architecture in 1995 and B.A. of Architecture in 1996. Tenniel is the Founde.....


    Little Cheerful Introductory Art Classes (Age 3 – 5)

    Is your child a curious learner-hungry for knowledge and all sorts of wild ideas? Tailored for budding artist from a young age, this course can check off major developmental milestones by encouraging your child to question their surroundings, source inspiration, visualize their ideas and recognize ..... 3-5 歲

    Cheereo Mixed Media Art Classes (Age 6 – 12)

    Creating a great piece of art is not just about the final product, but very much about the creative journey as well - that's why we put a lot emphasis on our student's sketchbook and their documentary. Every project we'll set out a theme where student is encouraged to throw out ideas and expand on t..... 6-12 歲

    Cheereo Oil Painting Classes (Age 6 – 12)

    Don't be startled if you child brings home a canvas of paint splats, after all that was how Monet rose to stardom almost a century ago. Designed to spark their artistic interest, this course gives our student the opportunity to find their unique voices and turn them into personal styles. This is an ..... 6-12 歲

Baby Buddies and Alisons Letterland

Operating since 1996 our Playgroups and Kindergarten set the highest standard of excellence in International schooling. We have an excellent reputation for being extremely caring and friendly schools .....


    Tiny Tots Class

    Our Tiny Tots classes offer fun and child centered learning opportunities and allow mums, dads and Carers the perfect opportunity to share baby experiences with one another. The babies are invited to take part in EYFS activities and start their journey with the learning tree of life.. The highlights..... 1-1 歲

    Baby Buddies Class

    Baby Buddies classes deliver activities covering all areas of the EYFS, providing your child with a fun and structured routine. Baby Buddies offers classes in English or Bilingual English-Mandarin, really giving the babies a head start with the English or Chinese language. The babies will become fur..... 1-2 歲

    Step 2 Class

    Our Baby Buddies Step 2 classes are the children's final steps within Baby Buddies before they branch out further into our independent classes. Baby Buddies step 2 classes delivers advanced Early Years Foundation stage activities, along with practicing, repeating and rehearsing those activities they..... 2-3 歲

    Step 3 Class

    Our Nursery classes offer an exceptional staff ratio of 7 children to one teacher and one assistant. Our warm, nurturing and loving learning environment plays the key role in assisting the children in their very first independent steps in pre-school education. We focus on each and every child's indi..... 2-3 歲

    Get Reading Right Classes

    Get Reading Right, by teachers for teachers and for our children, the fun and multi-sensory reading and spelling program that gets impressive results fast. With synthetic phonics at the core of a balanced literacy program you will see the benefits to every child’s reading and writing. ..... 4-6 歲

    Go Chinese

    Adding Fun & Structure to Chinese as a Second Language (CSL) Teaching FunPrimary Mandarin™ products combine illustrations and real life photography to encourage children to draw connections between the products and the world they live in, ensuring they appeal to children of all ages. The products ..... 4-6 歲

Eye Level

An Eye Level education starts with seeing things from student's eye level. Eye Level is based on an educational principle where students learn at their own pace. When a teacher understands the learnin.....


    Eye Level Math

    Eye Level Math helps improve problem-solving skills by enabling them to master concepts through a small step approach. Eye Level Math uses a systematic curriculum which included Basic Thinking Math and Critical Math. Basic Thinking Math enables students to complete the foundation of mathematics a..... 4-13 歲

    English Sparks

    Eye Level English Sparks focuses on situational vocabulary and common syntax patterns to give children the fundamental skills to further their English language skills...... 5-10 歲

    Eye Level Play Math

    Eye Level Play Math is a specially designed program that introduces mathematical concepts through experiential learning. ..... 3-4 歲

    Eye Level English

    Eye Level English is based on U.S. Department of Education curriculum standards for English Language Arts. The goal of Eye Level English is to help students master English systemically through enhancing the target language use. For these purpose, Eye Level English is designed, based on language ski..... 4-13 歲

    Eye Level Happy Talk

    The English Program Happy Talk is a situational English program that keeps students entertained with various visuals and activities. Instructor’s feedback provided through both online and offline allows students to achieve balance among the four key English skills...... 5-10 歲

    Eye Level Active Writers 英語寫作班

    一個有系統的英語寫作課程,課程著重教授寫作技巧及常用文句,運用思維導圖訓練令學生能自由發揮創意,大大增加學生對寫作的興趣!..... 5-12 歲

Art Fete

Art Fête 的成立旨在推動和促進本土藝術文化的發展,為普羅大眾提供舒適、輕鬆、無壓力的環境。 .....


    Art Fete Kiddyland

    "課程教學宗旨: 1. 提升兒童學習興趣,加強兒童學習動機,培養正確學習態度; 2. 引導思考,提高創作能力; 3. 培養藝術觸覺,認識美學概念及藝術智識; 4. 訓練描繪,構圖,上色等繪畫能力。 課程內容: 1. 小組上課,個..... 5-8 歲

Arts Castle

Music, Art, and Play nurture a child's cognitive, emotional, social, language, and physical development. We create magical, memorable learning for children through Music, Art, and Play. In our c.....


    Music Play

    In this course, you'll play simple instruments together, sing together, move together, share, and take turns, and see how music can bring you closer as a parent. ..... 3-5 歲

    Keyboard Octet

    Keyboard Octet is designed for children who have no musical training at all. Simple music concepts will be introduced through various musical games: ..... 3-5 歲

    Pre-Piano Course

    Pre-Piano Course prepares children for piano individual classes. In class, children not only can develop their ensemble skills, but also, through group activities, learn from each others. Children have opportunities to perform in front of others, which helps overcoming nervousness. ..... 4-5 歲

    Vocal Class

    This course aims to prepare students who are intending to participate in the Treble Voice Solo (Age 5 to 6) of the Hong Kong Schools Music Festival. The course introduces basic singing techniques such as breathing, phonation and diction. Students will learn various singing exercises and will sing re..... 4-6 歲

    Arts & Crafts

    Children will create two and three-dimensional artworks through painting and craft. This course aims to: develop painting and drawing skills nurture your child's imagination and creativity develop your child's logical thinking help children understand things all-around us ..... 4-5 歲

    Technical Drawing

    Sketching is no longer the stodgy theory. Children will experience more advanced techniques of sketching and drawing, using pencil, crayon, pastel. They will also be encouraged to participate in each open competition. ..... 6-13 歲

Brandon Learning Centre 科慧學習中心

Jessica Ogilvy-Stuart M.Ed., B.A.(Hons),於2006年成立科慧學習中心。Jessica曾任彭博亞太區管理及培訓總經理,擁有豐富的教學經驗,曾教授不同年齡的學生專業.....



    本中心創新的課程發展靈活的溝通技巧,利用一系列文學作品及活動助學生提升自信心。課堂採用輕鬆的小班教學模式,學生可學習: ..... 6-13 歲

    Winchester College – Common Entrance (13+) 預備班

    過往兩年中心曾助學生考入英國中學如Eton, Harrow, Shrewsbury, Winchester College, Harrow, Eton, Shrewsbury, Tonbridge, Wycombe Abbey 及 Sedbergh。中心的Common Entrance Exam 及Winchester College Entrance Exam 預備班,由富經驗的英藉導師分析每份試卷的要求,..... 5-13 歲

Chancery English



    Playgroup – Jolly/ Letterland Phonics and English Stories

    This course is aimed at ages 3 - 6 and focuses on developing children’s basic speaking abilities through phonics and pronunciation activities. The lessons follow both Phonics Syllabuses and are taught through singing, constructive play, role-plays, games and children’s stories. *These lessons ..... 3-6 歲

    Phonics and Speaking class:

    This course is aimed at further developing the basic speaking skills learned in the Phonics course. The purpose of these lessons is to gradually introduce a greater range of useful vocabulary to students, and to build on correct pronunciation for daily situations. There is also a larger written elem..... 3-6 歲

Learning Cornestone Tutorial Centre 教學石補習中心

"Cornerstone"一字解作「基石」或「基礎」,本中心致力以優良的師資及 獨特的課程為學生提供穩固的學習基石,令學生奠下良好的學業基礎, 爭取更好.....



    數學 ..... 11-13 歲

English Drama and Speech Academy 英國戲劇及語言學院

《英國戲劇及語言學院》及《一條龍學藝展能教育中心》 一同成立於二零零二年五月,一向致力於開發孩子的潛能,因為在我們的眼中,每一個孩子都.....



    英文詩歌題材豐富及多元化,由活潑生動、風趣幽默、溫情洋溢到充滿詩意。 透過詩歌內容,可擴闊小朋友的視野,並且豐富英文詞彙及增強英語運用能力。 朗誦英文詩歌時,強調自然及活潑的表達技巧,不誇張及不造作..... 3-7 歲


    英文詩歌題材豐富及多元化,由活潑生動、風趣幽默、溫情洋溢到充滿詩意。 透過詩歌內容,可擴闊小朋友的視野,並且豐富英文詞彙及增強英語運用能力。 朗誦英文詩歌時,強調自然及活潑的表達技巧,不誇張及不造作..... 6-10 歲


    以活潑形式上課,讓小朋友透過説對白及唱兒歌,增強英語的運用能力; 同時亦有助他們提升自信及團隊精神。 ..... 4-7 歲

First Step Ballet School 培藝芭蕾舞學校

培藝芭蕾舞學校成立於2003年,以培育芭蕾舞幼苗為辦學目標。除致力推廣芭蕾舞藝術外,也以正面鼓勵為教學方針,培養學員對舞蹈藝術的興趣。 .....


    學前舞蹈課程 Pre-School Dance Curriculum

    參照英國皇家芭蕾舞學院之課程教授。課堂在輕鬆活潑的氣氛下,以故事形式進行,並配合不同的道具,以極富創意的舞蹈動作及充滿節奏的音樂,啓發孩子豐富的想像力及提高音樂節奏感,並訓練大小肌肉及手眼協調,同時使..... 2-5 歲

    一級至五級 Grade 1-Grade 5

    課程包括古典芭蕾(Classical)基礎訓練、現代舞(Free Movement)及歐洲性格舞(Character)。課堂著重訓練良好姿勢及優美體態、節奏感及合作精神 ..... 6-13 歲

    六級至七級 Grade 6-Grade 7

    課程主要教授浪漫時期的芭蕾舞、現代舞及歐洲性格舞。課程著重學員的合作性。舞蹈優美,強調表演,刺激舞者的想像力及自我表達能力。 ..... 6-13 歲

Fruitful Tree 恩霖學藝坊 (樂聲教育集團)

恩霖學藝坊(Fruitful Tree) 透過優質的幼兒教育,讓幼兒得到健康的全人發展,啟發個人潛能,建立良好的品格,結出生命的好果子。 .....


    Trilingual Playgroup (Elementary Class )

    This course is designed for children aged 18-30 months, taught by an experienced NET teachers. The course will be taught through fun stories, happy songs, art, creative map work, so that children would learn in a relaxed and safe environment and enjoy the teamwork of life. ..... 1-2 歲

    Trilingual Playgroup ( Advanced class )

    This course is designed for children 12-30 months, taught by an experienced foreign teacher in English language. The courses will be taught through fun stories, happy songs, art, creative map work, so that children would learn in a relaxed and safe environment and enjoy the teamwork of life. ..... 2-3 歲

    LCM Music Certificate course

    This course is based on LCM Music Examination. Students will learn the change of rhythm, staff reading, music appreciation, etc. Training children’s sensitivity to sounds, building a strong foundation for any musical instruments in his later development. This course teaches musical staff in an int..... 3-6 歲

    ABRSM Percussion Examination

    This course is designed to prepare kids for the ‘The Associated Board of the Royal Schools of Music’ (ABRSM) examinations of percussion music. ..... 4-13 歲


    課程由資深導師授課,通過遊戲、兒歌、講故事等活動,以輕鬆形式學習,同時融入名校小一面試內容提高小一面試能力。..... 4-5 歲

I-BUZZ Learning Zone



    兒童互動英語課程 Interactive English

    透過生動有趣的多元智能活動,例如:唱遊、角色扮演、講故事、玩遊戲等,以互動的教學模式,讓幼兒在愉快的氣氛中學習英語,刺激小朋友的右腦發展,全面提升他們在聽、說、寫、讀的能力,激發小朋友學習英語的興趣,..... 3-5 歲

    Genki English

    此 課程由英國語言教學家Richard Graham 所創立,Genki 是意味著趣味、生動及充滿學習動力的意思,而Genki English 專為亞洲兒童學習英語而設計。Richard 的教育理念是讓亞洲學童能在一個充滿活力的環境下學習外語,以學習樂趣來推..... 3-5 歲

    輕鬆學拼音 Phonics Fun Fun Fun

    採用生動有趣的教學法,讓兒童運用聽覺、視覺及觸覺,配合故事、遊戲、兒歌及角色扮演等活動,增強他們對字母與字音的認知,讓兒童更容易掌握如何把字母拼合發音,若他們能夠熟習字母的基本發音,更能令他們成功發展..... 3-6 歲

    西班牙語啟蒙班 Spanish Playgroup

    為小朋友設計的西班牙語啟蒙班,讓小孩從小培養學習西班牙語的興趣及建立良好的社交關係,導師會透過不同遊戲及活動,以互動、有趣的教學方法,令小朋友可以掌握西班牙語的純正發音、日常生活用字及表達能力,達致活..... 1-3 歲

    西班牙語班 Little Spanish

    由資深西班牙文導師教授 小班教學,導師兒童比例 1 : 5 互動的教學方式,透過各種學習活動增強學生的聽講能力 ..... 3-5 歲

Hong Kong Funky Dance Centre 林佩佩舞蹈工作坊

Funky Dance融合了時下所有流行音樂的元素,也就是說,現在最Hit的音樂都可以用來搭配我們的動作,不論是K-pop、Latin Dance、Hip-Hop、MTV Dance、Kick Boxing、Ja.....



    利用戲劇及模擬廣播劇等趣味性遊戲,以鍛鍊兒童的說話技巧與應對能力,提升他們的記憶力,口材與自信心,在模擬的主持節目實習中,更能加強小朋友的應變能力及矯正錯誤的語言發音。 ..... 5-13 歲


    試鏡即是模特兒的面試,面試是申請踏入另一階段之必經過程,於人生中尤為重要,透過本課程的模擬試鏡訓練,學習到適當的應對技巧,填寫簡單申請表及基本的社交禮儀,令小朋友在陌生的人及環境下均能應付自如。 ..... 5-13 歲


    藉著模仿時裝表演模特兒的台步實習,教導小朋友正確的站立姿態與走路技巧,糾正錯誤姿勢,從而改善有寒背、X型腿、O型腿及肩斜等問題之兒童。 ..... 5-13 歲


    社交是日常生活不可或缺的一部份,禮儀應從小培養,本課程除了令兒童學習到餐具的正確使用方法外,通過生動的教學方式,教導小朋友待人接物,握手應對等之禮儀,令小朋友舉止大方優雅。(小朋友會於本大廈1樓之太子餐..... 5-13 歲

    Children Jazz

    隨著輕快音樂節拍,令小朋友從趣味性的舞蹈動作中增強音樂和時代感,學習服從與合群性。鍛鍊思考力,又可陶冶性情,抒緩繁重的功課壓力。此外,從幼習舞,對兒童的骨骼生長及姿態發展均有莫大幫助。爵士舞比傳統之..... 5-13 歲

My Workshop Limited

Our courses are designed based on the philosophies of early childhood and child brain development at different stages. Besides music courses, our other programs are also aiming at supporting children .....


So-In Education 數研教育

數研教育(SO-IN EDU.)創辦於1999年,向本地K2至F6的學生提供數學專科補習服務。除致力提高同學們的數學能力、指導他們考取佳績之外,又開辦中文、英文.....



    適合任何程度的學生修讀;較低的師生比例讓導師有更多時間照顧學生的需要..... 5-13 歲


    只限校內數學成績A或B級的學生修讀,著重Mental Calculation的教授,會探討較深入的題目內容。同學之間的協同效應讓學習更有效率,課程內容將根據學校所學教快1/4年..... 6-13 歲


    適合任何程度的學生修讀,針對聽、讀、寫、方面的培養,緊貼學校進度..... 6-13 歲

Stream of Wisdom Language Centre 慧祈語言中心



Tsang Fook 曾福琴行




    "課程內容: 透過本課程,使兒童建立全面而穩固的音樂基礎,同時亦為學童日後的樂器訓練作好準備。完成課程後,同學可根據自己的興趣及才能,繼續升讀各類樂器班 (對象:兩歲八個月至五歲或以上的幼童)"..... 3-5 歲

Wiseland Elite Learning Centre 睿智坊

As an elite language learning centre, we are mindful that we have to teach our children to read, write and speak well; yet we are equally mindful that language is the avenue through which children eng.....


    Comprehension & Writing by Oxford – for K3

    Wiseland has prepared a special preparatory class for children who are planning to attend a primary school with an accelerated syllabus (sometimes known as ‘+1’ schools) using the well established Comprehension & Writing (C&W) programme by Oxford. C&W by Oxford is a fun and colourful six-leve..... 5-6 歲

    Read Write Inc. Early Start by Oxford

    Early Start is a new member of the famed RWI by Oxford programme, designed especially for 3-4 years old. Early Start helps young learners build their English skills through a synthetic phonics based literacy programme that seamlessly integrates the teaching of listening, speaking, reading an..... 3-4 歲

    Read Write Companion

    Outside of these programmes, however, some parents find that it remains difficult to encourage their children to read. To meet these needs and to ensure that the benefits learners received from reading are further nurtured, Wiseland Learning has introduced a Read Write Companion for learners who ar..... 4-11 歲

    Library Tours

    Our library tour contents vary according to the age groups of the participants. Major activities include showing the participants around different sections of the library for an overview of its facilities and services. Children will be shown how to select books for themselves so that over time the..... 4-11 歲




    幼兒音樂啓蒙課程 (初班)

    "課程內容: 唱歌、音準、節奏、基本樂理、葉氏手號視唱法、音樂家介紹、認識樂器、音樂欣賞。"..... 3-4 歲

    葉氏兒童合唱團 – 預備合唱組

    "課程內容: 1) 應用葉氏合唱訓練方法和系統,重要環節包括練聲和合唱技巧、基本樂理(Theory)、視唱(Sight-singing)、練耳(Aural training)、律動(Body Movement)及音樂欣賞。2) 參加本地及海外演出活動,將所學得以實踐。3) 培養兒童音樂..... 5-7 歲

ICCA 國際經典文化協會

成立 國際經典文化協會成立於 2004年3月,乃一於香港註冊之民間慈善社團(香港稅務局檔案編號 91/8817)。 宗旨 聖賢為師 經典為友 闡古佐今 .....



    本會希望透過誦讀經典,讓小朋友在記憶力最發達的時候,吸收中國的經典文化知識,以培養小朋友的語文根底及認識更多的字詞。當小朋友養成讀經的習慣後,家長會發現小朋友在專注力上會有明顯的改變,品德及行為亦會改..... 3-13 歲