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Eye Level

An Eye Level education starts with seeing things from student's eye level. Eye Level is based on an educational principle where students learn at their own pace. When a teacher understands the learnin.....


    Eye Level Math

    Eye Level Math helps improve problem-solving skills by enabling them to master concepts through a small step approach. Eye Level Math uses a systematic curriculum which included Basic Thinking Math and Critical Math. Basic Thinking Math enables students to complete the foundation of mathematics a..... 4-13 歲

    English Sparks

    Eye Level English Sparks focuses on situational vocabulary and common syntax patterns to give children the fundamental skills to further their English language skills...... 5-10 歲

    Eye Level Play Math

    Eye Level Play Math is a specially designed program that introduces mathematical concepts through experiential learning. ..... 3-4 歲

    Eye Level English

    Eye Level English is based on U.S. Department of Education curriculum standards for English Language Arts. The goal of Eye Level English is to help students master English systemically through enhancing the target language use. For these purpose, Eye Level English is designed, based on language ski..... 4-13 歲

    Eye Level Happy Talk

    The English Program Happy Talk is a situational English program that keeps students entertained with various visuals and activities. Instructor’s feedback provided through both online and offline allows students to achieve balance among the four key English skills...... 5-10 歲

    Eye Level Active Writers 英語寫作班

    一個有系統的英語寫作課程,課程著重教授寫作技巧及常用文句,運用思維導圖訓練令學生能自由發揮創意,大大增加學生對寫作的興趣!..... 5-12 歲

Anastassias Art House

Anastassia’s Art House is Hong Kong’s only Russian Art Academy offering Art Education of the highest standards. Our mission is exposing Hong Kong to the vast wealth of Russian & Western cultural h.....


    Art Discovery (3-5 YEARS OLD)

    There's more to art than finger-painting.... Your child's first real artistic education should be something that excites and educates, encourages and motivates. The Art Discovery Introduction to the Arts is a thematically-based selection of art projects specifically geared towards younger childre..... 3-5 歲

    Art Explorers 5-7 years old

    This art course teaches the necessary artistic skills that enable students to reflect the beauty and harmony of the world, to develop the sense of composition, proportion and interaction of color and light and to draw/paint expressively. Students will study various artists, major artworks, styles..... 5-7 歲

    Art Discovery 7-11 years old

    Young artists need challenges to grow and develop. Creativity should be fun and rewarding, and it is so when youths are encouraged to develop goals and given the skills to follow them through. With our professional-level instruction, there are no limits to what your child is able to achieve. T..... 7-11 歲

    Art Appreciation 12-16 years old

    This program is devoted to talented and motivated youths who want to immerse themselves in the arts. The major study is oil and acrylic painting. The course encourages students to develop their artistic skills through skilled instruction and engaging projects with the aim of providing opportuniti..... 12-16 歲

    Draw & Sketch 6 - 16 years old

    Drawing is an essential & fundamental skill of Art! Keys to Drawing will help you gain the drawing skills you need to be able to draw what you see on paper by translating the three-dimensional world around you into a two-dimensional drawing. The class will teach you to look at the world the wa..... 6-16 歲

    Ceramic & Pottery

    The objective of our ceramic class is to facilitate the development of creativity in 3D-artworks and explore the artistic potential of students while promoting aesthetic and ecological education. Depending on age, students will have the opportunity to have hands on practice on producing their ow..... 3-16 歲

The Genius Workshop



    Mechanic Exploration (Ages 3 – 5)

    Through the progressive levels of Mechanic Exploration, students work around various mechanical concepts, which they and their parents may or may not have ever noticed in their daily lives. Gears, pulleys and inclined planes are only a few examples out of many mechanisms that the students come acro..... 3-5 歲

    Engineering Exploration (Ages 5 – 14)

    In the Engineering Exploration Series, with the sufficient resources available, students can take the opportunity to experiment how different combinations of mechanical LEGO pieces can work together to serve some meaningful and creative purposes, or accomplish challenges assigned by our professional..... 5-14 歲

    Robotics Thrill (Ages 8 – 14)

    Using our cutting-edge equipment and advanced theory work, students get to explore the world of LEGO robotics by constructing some small or massive robots. Although these robots seem to be brilliant with the skills to complete different challenging tasks, in order to write programs achieving that, ..... 8-14 歲

    ENERGY (Ages 7 – 14)

    With the world all working together to make our planet a greener and safer place for everyone, the younger generation has to realize the value and the importance of renewable energy. Students get to operate their models with different forms of renewable energy, each of which has its own unique prop..... 7-14 歲

    Architecture (Ages 7 – 14)

    The relationships between Structure, Stability and Forces are the very reasons why our buildings can stand still in storms. Let’s build some towers, bridges and house constructions to simulate how our city undergoes all the natural and unnatural conditions every day. Experiments will be done to ..... 7-14 歲

    Video Game Design (Ages 8 – 14)

    Video games are very well-loved by everyone these days, from young to old, be it in the form of mobile phones or game consoles. To create a successful video game, the creator must go through countless trials and errors. In the Video Game Design workshop, students learn about the basic, yet fundame..... 8-14 歲

Jean M Wong School of Ballet 王仁曼芭蕾舞學校

Established in 1973, The Tsinforn C. Wong Scholarship was renamed The Tsinforn C. Wong Memorial Scholarship (the Scholarship), in 1983, to commemorate the Principal’s late father. The Scholarship i.....


    Toddlers & Pre-School Classes

    本校的學前舞蹈課程以古典芭蕾舞為基礎,加上音樂和故事,並在輕鬆和愉快的氣氛下,訓練兒童腦部、手、腳和腿部肌肉的協調能力;學習高貴、優雅的站姿和舞步組合;從而啟發及培養兒童的審美觸覺、想像力、觀察力、節..... 2-4 歲

    Vocational Graded Examination Classes

    芭蕾專修班旨在訓練有意投身舞蹈界成為舞蹈員或老師的學生。專修班學生需於每星期最少上課三次,本校的專業導師們將透過嚴格的訓練及指導,幫助學生提升基本技巧及表現質素,為應考英國皇家舞蹈學院專業試作出最好準..... 6-16 歲


Today Sunkids is situated at a 2500 sq feet premise with an equipped indoor playground and comfortable classrooms for our children. I have recruited and worked with passionate and experienced early ch.....


    Mini Group (6 months – walking)

    Babies love to play, smile and interact with parents and other babies. The curriculum of the mini group is very interactive and parents and babies will experience many fun activities together. You’ll find us singing, dancing with scarves, playing with musical instruments, reading stories or feelin..... 1-2 歲

    Tots Group (Walking – 2.5 years)

    Toddlers are terrific learners, with an amazing amount of energy and an eagerness to try new things. This is a dynamic, fun and comprehensive program for parents and children to enjoy together. We help children develop language skills whilst concurrently develop their self- esteem, creativity and lo..... 2-3 歲

    Explorers Group (2 - 3.5 years)

    At this age, children are making new discoveries daily and increasing their independence. The curriculum for this group will include free play with educational toys & equipment, circle time, music & movement, arts & crafts, storytelling, snack time and learning time based on our current theme. The c..... 2-4 歲

    Phonics (Level 1)

    Children are drawn to letters and sounds and we have created a Phonics playgroup to introduce young learners to the English alphabet and phonics in a fun, simple and effortless way! We combine phonics teaching with songs, storytelling, arts & crafts and many fun activities. ..... 3-7 歲

    English / Mandarin Chatterbox

    This course encourages children to practice their speaking, listening and communication skills. The curriculum is structured around familiar topics in order to broaden participants' vocabulary whilst encouraging general confidence. Taught by a native English or Mandarin speaker, the focus will be on..... 2-5 歲

    Mandarin Stars

    This is a comprehensive Chinese course that will help students develop speaking, listening, reading and writing skills simultaneously. The curriculum will begin with a focus on listening and speaking skills. At the appropriate time, pinyin, reading and writing Chinese characters will be introduced a..... 3-7 歲

Woodland Pre-Schools

The benefits of choosing a Woodland pre-school are manifold. Both parents and children will find that Woodland boasts a wide variety of advantages, ensuring a wonderful, convenient and comprehensive .....


    Playgroup (18 months to 2 years 4 months)

    The Montessori Playgroup caters for children aged from 18 months to 2 years & 4 months and provides an introduction to school life. Children must be accompanied by a parent or helper who should participate in play activities ..... 1-3 歲

    Stepping Stones (2 years 4 months of age and above)

    Stepping Stones is for children aged 2 years 4 months of age and above and will prepare them for our pre-school classes. The classes help children become increasingly independent of their accompanying adult, develop classroom routines, learn to positively interact with others, and develop their conc..... 2-3 歲

    Kids In Motion

    Kids In Motion is a new concept in teaching specialized physical education classes brought to the Woodland Group by Ms Rachel Davies. Ms Rachel earned her Children's Fitness Teacher Certificate from the Asian Academy for Sports and Fitness and The Australian Fitness Network. ..... 3-6 歲

    Extra Curricular Club

    Activities range from Act Club, Soccer Club, Tennis Club, Mandarin Club and more, please visit http://www.woodlandschools##/about/clubs-and-classes/extra-curricular-activities for details ..... 3-6 歲


Sport4Kids run classes across Hong Kong for 18 month olds to 16 years old. We offer one of the widest range of sports, including rugby, soccer swimming, gymnastics, basketball, mini-sports and a varie.....



    This multi-sport program gives young children the opportunity to learn a variety of skills while playing many different sports. Children will participate in soccer, basketball, rugby, hockey, tennis, all the time developing their coordination and gross motor skills...... 2-5 歲


    Swimming is a very popular activity and an essential life skill, for all children. Sport4Kids have designed a swimming program which encourages learning in a progressive, safe and educational environment. Sport4Kids’ swimming program is based around the FUNdamental skills of swimming, teaching ..... 3-8 歲